Improve Your Google My Business Listing By Using Attributes

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Google My Business Attributes is a vital factor to businesses, big or small. It aids today’s consumers to have a better understanding of what they can expect from the business. These attributes indicate details such as Google Pay, amenities, accessibility, payment options, and highlights. These should also answer some common questions, like if they offer WiFi or a contactless wallet.

A Deeper Look About Google My Business Attributes 

Google My Business Attributes are crucial to both consumers and Google to ensure the proper results are given to a searcher. It is a fast, efficient way for a website owner to communicate to the customers what may be important to them. Some of the attributes are not editable and optional.

Google My Business Attributes previously have limited abilities but then expanded later on. Depending on the business niche, Google will provide you a list of attributes that can help your business. The following are the steps on how you can access GMB attributes.

  1. Log in to and go to Info.
  2. Scroll down to find Attributes.
  3. Once Attributes are accessed, you will find suggestions relevant to your business.

Does your business feature objective attributes?

Objective attributes are always subjected to Google updates and the users. However, these can be mitigated in the GMB dashboard. All information should be factual, such as if your business accepts credit card payments or wheelchair-accessible. In short, all frequently asked questions should be included in the GMB Attributes.

Make sure not to use misleading information that may bring customers into a rage.

Does your business feature objective attributes?

It’s always pleasing to showcase what your business can do and offer. But, you can also show what your business may be popular for with your customers. These are attributes provided to a business by Google with the use of various sources, including several user-generated responses.

For example, is your business known for grilled foods? Is your business popular for great wine? All these information are transmitted from Google’s database. These cannot be generated directly by the owner’s listing on the Dashboard, unlike the objective attributes. These are merely a reflection the business is capable of doing. You can discover what your business may be popular for by using the insights column.

One tip to improve your business highlights is reading the reviews from the customers and remembering the current features you’re known for. This will not only permit them to feel valued, but it will also let you determine what still needs to be improved.

How are attributes featured in GMB listings?

Attributes can be utilized in searches and found in the knowledge panel of any listing both from mobile and desktop.


No doubt, Google’s results have become more personalized nowadays. Therefore, this feature will become more critical in creating the success of a business. Google will try to provide searchers with more customized results.

With all the efforts you give to your business, using attributes should be part of your digital marketing strategies. Hiring an advertising agency in San Francisco could be a big help.

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