​​Tips To Improve Your Google Page Speed Score

Apr 15, 2022 | All, Digital Marketing, Website Development

Even if you are making sales now, your competitors will always be looking for new ways to outperform you. All it takes is a few small changes in the way search engines like Google interpret your content and the way users navigate your website to throw everything out of balance. Some small tweaks could make all the difference. So although you may be pulling in money right now, your success could be short-lived if you don’t keep up with what’s new in SEO.

Content creation, SEO practices, and social media marketing can bring you some success, but not if your website is a slug. This applies to everybody, from bloggers to businesses.

Make your website faster with these tips. Cyrusson, one of the best Bay Area marketing agencies, show you how to do it right:

How to Increase Your Google PageSpeed Score

Use a Responsive Theme

A responsive theme will adjust your image sizes and media queries automatically, so your website will look good on any device. You won’t have to wait for a developer to manually tweak your site for each device or ever worry about making your site responsive in the future.

Optimize Your Images

We can’t emphasize enough the importance of optimizing your images for search engine optimization and the speed of your website. The single biggest speed improvement you can make to your site is to reduce the file size of your images without losing image quality. The quickest way to do this is to make sure your images are compressed properly.


Caching is a technique that stores commonly used content in your server’s memory so it will load faster for users that visit your site. It does this by saving a copy of your most frequently used content to your hard drive, and then using it when a user requests the same content again, instead of having to fetch it from the website’s server. This can significantly reduce load times and improve user experience.


Hosting is another aspect of website speed optimization. When you host your site, you’re renting space on a server, which is basically a big computer that runs a website and handles requests from users. Since it’s not your computer, you have to rely on outside support, but most hosting companies provide a reliable server and the resources you need to operate a successful website. 

What Are the Main Benefits That Come with a Fast Website?

The first is user engagement. If a user cannot load your site quickly, they will lose interest and go somewhere else. 

The second is improved marketing. You can’t market a slow site. It’s impossible. You need a site that loads quickly to compete with your competitors.

The third is increased sales. If users can’t find you on Google, you have no audience. In the current digital world, that means no sales.

The fourth is the obvious one – you won’t waste money paying for a slow site.


Boosting your site speed is not impossible. There are many ways you can do it in a short period of time – and it’s often not as hard as you might believe.

If you have a slow site, you can make changes today to improve your website speed. Use Google PageSpeed Insights to identify which changes you need to make and then implement them as quickly and easily as possible. Better yet, you can work with a boutique digital marketing agency that can help you.

Have a fast website, increase your rankings, and get more traffic.

Cyrusson is one of the most trusted Bay Area marketing agencies that can help ensure that you have a speedy website that delivers the results you want. Contact us today to know how we can help you!

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