Lead Generation For Workers Compensation Law Firms

Jul 6, 2022 | All, Business Development, Digital Marketing, Law Firm Marketing


Workers compensation, or workers comp leads, are defined as someone who was injured at work or in a work related accident, and has requested free counseling with a local worker compensation attorney to discuss the viability of their claim, ask any pertinent questions, etc.

Why Should Your Law Firm Invest In Workers Compensation Leads ? 

Workers compensation leads can turn out to be a nice addition to marketing a personal injury law practice to some firms, while others focus solely on workers compensation law. A great to this is, that workers comp leads generally cost less than personal injury leads or auto accident leads. 

Hence, if your law firm handles a varities of case types and practice areas, work comp leads can be a very versatile way to get the most out of your legal lead generation efforts.

How To Get More Workers Compensation Clients?

A website does nothing more than validate your law firm’s existence. To get more workers compensation leads, it has to attract them and convert into actual opportunities to serve. So, if you have a website that lacks the support of proper expert marketing services, or with cheap marketing services that does little to no results, can not fulfill or satisfy your desire of getting an optimal number of leads.

Digital Marketing

Web and Social platforms are the places where the clients are. As per a google study, 96% of people seeking legal advice use a search engine. Moreover, People, aging, 18-24 were nearly 50% more likely to use the internet to hire an attorney than to use a recommendation from a friend or colleague. So, undoubtedly, digital marketing is that particular weapon to counter most marketing issues in a strategic way.


Millions of searches are being conducted daily on the largest search engine Google, and tens of thousands of them are people looking for lawyers. You have to be there. It’s still astonishing to us that so many law firms are still willingful to invest in appearing on the first pages of Google, especially since there are so many ways to get there.


When people surf through the web and social platforms – there are a bunch of users who go to google and search for information about how to handle a workers compensation claim and other type individuals who see a banner ad on a social media or news site. Both the approaches are  push marketing and pull marketing respectively– and when your firm deals with legal problems, pull marketing just works better. 

If you want your law firm to get more optimal leads or wish to improve your marketing tactics in order to get a better lead generation campaign, reach out to Cyrusson to schedule your free consultation meeting.

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