​​Local SEO For Massage Spas: A Step-By-Step Guide To Local SEO

Jul 8, 2022 | All, Digital Marketing, Massage Spa Marketing, SEO

Any small business hoping to thrive in 2022 should prioritize digital marketing – even if it is Massage Spa service. The era of classified ads and phone book directories are now gone. Nowadays, every 3 of 5 people in the entire world are connected to the internet. Hence, it is pretty much mandatory for every business to learn to follow their target customers. 

In this comprehensive SEO guideline, we are going to demonstrate to you the basics of local SEO. After successful completion, we hope you will be confident enough with solid steps for gaining better search engine rankings, building better brand visibility, and driving up optimal traffic to your spa website.

What Is Local SEO For Massage Spa?

Search engine optimization is the practice of improving one’s visibility on search engines like Google or other search engines. And this requires optimizing one’s website and social media pages with relevant keywords, authoritative links, and online citations. Ultimately, as a result, SEO helps you build brand visibility online.

Local SEO is pretty much the same thing, only it targets potential customers in a specific area. For small businesses, local SEO can help brands establish themselves as representatives in their communities, as well as drive organic customers to their brick and mortar shops. For message spas, local SEO turns a random Google search for “massages near me” eventually into a potential customer.

Why Do Your Massage Spa Service Need Local SEO?

We do realize the effectiveness of traditional marketing, on the other hand, local seo is no less powerful than any other marketing method and strategies, rather proven more convenient and viable than most others. Here are three key things local SEO can do for your business:

Driving Up Foot Traffic

Consumers always prefer looking for the nearest, most convenient option – and this is especially true for customers in search of a day spa. They want to relax and take a breather from the hustle and bustle of their busy schedules, and like better finding a spa right at the nearest location within their residing radius.

But without a great local SEO strategy, consumers may never know you are out there. Your site will be down at the bottom of the Google search results, where users barely ever take a look. Local SEO enlist all your business information – your address, phone number, location, and services – on the map, so to speak. When more customers know you’re visible out there, you’re more likely to get more organic traffic to visit your website and your spa center.

Earn More Local Reviews

One of the main focuses of local SEO is a business’s Google My Business page. It is all about online classified listings that come when users search with certain keywords.If you notice carefully, you will find that they lay out their information very neatly. 

This stack of information includes – address of their shop, phone number and their business hours. That’s what an original Google My Business page appears at in search results.

If you scroll down on each listing, you will catch up with the valuable customer reviews as well. With an accurate and updated Google My Business page, your business is more likely to turn up on local search results.

And when it becomes easier to find your business online, it will also become handy to get to, experience, and review.

Customer reviews are so important in the spa business. They not only bring up brand value to your business but also drive up your overall SEO ranking. Basically, Google rewards businesses that perform well !

Maximize Your Return On Investment (ROI)

SEO probably may not grasp the traditional marketing just yet, but it can greatly reduce marketing expenses – saving you a ton of money that could go into improving other areas of your spa business. Unlike posting leaflets, making TV or radio commercials, and boosting ads on social, SEO doesn’t cost much. All you need is someone who is professional with SEO, and handles everything from website management to content creation to campaign planning. 

Looking For Getting Help With SEO?

At Cyrusson, we specialize in helping massage spas attract more local customers through Google. If you like us to help you with your SEO campaign, contact us for a free quote. Reach out !

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