Marketing Strategy Guide for 2023: What To Focus on during Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4

Dec 19, 2022 | All, Business Development, Digital Marketing, Marketing

Have you prepared your Q1 marketing strategy? Will you create buzz with your Q4 marketing strategy? We take a closer look at your marketing strategy for Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 2023

As we bid goodbye to 2022, businesses are scrambling to prepare their marketing strategy for 2023. Most businesses are looking at the upcoming year with optimism, with a three-year slump, the first two owing to the pandemic and the current one due to global conflicts and soaring inflation. As you keep your fingers crossed and plan your digital marketing strategy for 2023, you must plan your campaigns for the four quarters.

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Irrespective of the size of your business or the industry you are in, it is time to reflect on your current state and set goals for the future. Talking about setting goals or targets, it is all about planning for each quarter. While your business would have long-term goals for the whole year, breaking them into four quarters is ideal as it makes the job of your marketing and sales team easy.

A school of opinion believes marketing strategies are long-term and don’t require quarterly reviews like sales targets. It is true to an extent, as your SEO or social media strategy isn’t a quarterly gig and requires long-term planning and outlook. However, there are seasonal businesses that witness higher demand during certain quarters, especially in the B2C space. Hence breaking down the marketing strategies by quarter serves them well.

Even if your business doesn’t see a noticeable variation in sales throughout the year, planning a marketing campaign for every quarter has merit. It allows your business to tap into the seasonal uptick in sales and plan for the peak and off-peak seasons. It also gives you more room for maneuvering as you can use the marketing lessons from one quarter into the next. In this detailed marketing guide, we look at strategies that you must focus on during Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 of 2023.

Q1 Marketing Strategy

It is the start of the new year when most businesses are sowing the seeds for their annual marketing campaign. People make New Year’s Resolutions, and so should brands and align themselves with the mood and confidence in the market.

It is an excellent time to start with a clean slate and work on a strategy to help you grab a larger market share and stay ahead of your competitors. The months of January, February, and March would determine the success of your campaign. Hence, you must take the Q1 Marketing Strategy seriously.

As part of your marketing strategy in Q1, you must review the previous year’s campaign. You must take stock of your digital marketing strategies in 2022. Look at strategies that have delivered results and require more thrust. You also need to identify strategies that didn’t work and should be dropped. If you are dropping a campaign, plan its replacement.

Please look at what your competitors are doing and learn from their strategies. Brainstorm with your team and identify the best marketing strategies. It will serve you well if you can make room for a  bigger marketing budget than last year. It is also the perfect time to revamp your website or start a new marketing campaign.

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Key Events In Q1

  • People are ready to implement their New Year Resolutions in January. Your customers have already made their list from healthy food to books and hobbies. But most New Year resolutions don’t last beyond the first few days of the year, and hence you must promote your products creatively!
  • Valentine’s Day has turned into a significant consumer event. It is an entire week of celebrations leading up to February 14. If you are a B2C business, it is your first big opportunity for the year.
  • People are cash rich after claiming their tax refunds in early February and March and looking to spend. Ensure you take advantage of the tax season and promote your products with a creative social media campaign.
  • March marks the arrival of Spring, and you need to ready your line of products. Fashion, gardening, cleaning, and jewelry businesses have their hands full this time of the year, so make the most of it.
  • Spring is also the time for travel as students have their breaks, and if you are in the travel and hospitality business, you must plan a campaign to attract new customers.

Q2 Marketing Strategy

It’s April, and people are enjoying warmer temperatures. Your business must prepare for the enthusiasm that is all around in April, May, and June. Traditionally this has been seen as a challenging quarter in the B2C category. For most B2C businesses, sales figures in this quarter usually don’t match up with others. Hence, it is time to invest more in your marketing strategies and make the most out of the lean market.

Marketing Strategy, Q1 Marketing Strategy, Q2 Marketing Strategy, Q3 Marketing Strategy, Q4 Marketing Strategy,cyrusson

Q2 marketing strategy is crucial for businesses in the B2B space, as most of their clientele like preparing early for the rush during Q3 and Q4. It is usually the decision-making season for B2C businesses and hence the golden opportunity for those in the B2B space. Promote your products and services aggressively through content marketing, explainer videos, and ebook highlighting your product’s USPs.

Invest in social media marketing campaigns that prepare a firm ground for the busy sales seasons that follow Q2. Your Q2 strategy isn’t meant for this quarter alone, but it should lend your business the much-required thrust for Q3 and Q4. You can also use this quarter to experiment with new digital marketing channels and strategies that will bear fruits in the future.

Key Events In Q2

  • Memorial Day Weekend is your first big sale opportunity on May 29. You must save this date as part of your Q2 marketing strategy. If you are a B2C player, offer additional discounts to attract customers to your products and services.
  • June 21 marks the summer’s start, and early shoppers are busy upgrading their wardrobes. It is a busy season for those in the fashion business. Use PPC and social media marketing leading up to this and promote your warm-weather clothes
  • It is an ideal opportunity to boost your sale if you are in the food business or those related to summer activities such as camping. You must target June as people like to use the longer daylight hours and love spending time outdoors.

Q3 Marketing Strategy

The competition heats up during July, August, and September. It is peak summer, the school opening, and the wedding season. Q3 is a good quarter for B2C businesses, especially after you have been through a lean season in Q2, barring a few industries which see their highest sales during Q2. The market has a vibrant mood, and shoppers are thronging the streets. Run a steady campaign across all your channels to improve brand visibility.

Marketing Strategy, Q1 Marketing Strategy, Q2 Marketing Strategy, Q3 Marketing Strategy, Q4 Marketing Strategy, cyrusson

As you prepare your Q3 marketing strategy, you also need to accommodate your teams’ paid time off, as this is the time of the year when employees prefer to spend time with their families. For B2B businesses, this can be a challenge as you need more resources for your marketing campaigns, so you must plan your marketing campaigns accordingly.

Key Events In Q3

  • The Fourth of July holiday weekend should be in focus for the Q4 marketing strategy as sales go up with the festive mood in the USA. From food to fashion and other BC2 brands, it is your most significant opportunity in this quarter. Don’t worry if you see lower conversions in the weeks leading up to this weekend, as sales usually pick up on the holiday weekend.
  • People are vacationing with their families, and there is increased demand for travel and hospitality services. Don’t miss this opportunity if you are in this business.
  • People are preparing to walk down the aisle. If you are in the business of clothing, event management, photography, or anything else to do with a wedding, you need to get ready with your digital strategy beforehand.
  • August and September mark the Back to School season, and if you are a brand dealing with these products, it is an excellent time to go aggressive with your Q3 marketing strategy.
  • Seasonal businesses such as pool cleaning, lawn maintenance, summer camping, etc., see a growth in demand during the three months of Q3, and you must gear up for this demand and stay ahead of the competition.

Q4 Marketing Strategy

They say, “Good things come late.” If you are a B2C business, this is the quarter everyone waits for. October, November, and December are months of heavy consumer spending. Though you will see a growth in sales in October itself, it is the final two months of the year when people empty the shelves. The second half of November, starting with Black Friday and Cyber Monday and the extended holiday season, is when consumers don’t mind spending.

Marketing Strategy, Q1 Marketing Strategy, Q2 Marketing Strategy, Q3 Marketing Strategy, Q4 Marketing Strategy, cyrusson

From upgrading infrastructure to spending on customer servicing, businesses don’t mind spending the top dollar to reinvent their products and services. Thus, it is the perfect time for B2B businesses, and most clients can access excess capital saved through the three quarters. It is also an excellent time to sell personalized gifts, as all businesses spend heavily on gifts for their employees, clients, and vendors.

Q4 isn’t just about selling products and services; it is about strengthening your bond with the customers. Wish them during the festive season and explore the idea of giveaways, gifts, and extra discounts. Invest in contests and other activities that improve your brand’s engagement, and you can cash in on these interactions.

Key Events In Q4

  • Halloween has become a major consumer event in North America. It signals the start of festivities. Costume businesses and those selling candies have their biggest sale during Halloween. Other businesses also see more product demand, thanks to the festive mood.
  • The Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday weekend is as big as the Fourth of July weekend in consumer spending and perhaps even more. It is the weekend for gratitude and shopping. As part of your Q4 strategy, you should prepare for this weekend in advance. Consumers are buying for themselves and their loved ones. From books to consumer electronics and automobiles to food, all businesses have their hands full.
  • The carols are in the air, and the December holidays have started. People spend time with families, share gifts and eat together during Christmas, translating into big consumer spending. Tap into this with your campaign, or you will carry this regret for the next 12 months! It is the zenith of your q4 marketing strategy, as it doesn’t get any bigger.
  • The demand for customized and corporate gifts goes up, and it’s a great time for brands selling chocolates, consumer electronics, cakes, custom clothing, and other customizable items.
  • New Year’s Eve is the year’s last event, and people spend heavily on food, drinks, travel, and gifts. Cash in on this surge in demand, and you will close the year with a bang!

Final Thoughts

So there you are, ready with a marketing strategy for each quarter of 2023. As we have discussed, each quarter has opportunities for different businesses and challenges during the lean season. To keep your business ahead of the competition, you must prepare for every quarter and leverage the opportunities that different seasons of the year present. You must prepare for the peak season months in advance if you own a seasonal business. For others, it is about knowing when to be aggressive with the campaign and flowing with the tide.

In a competitive market, you don’t have time to waste preparing for a marketing strategy only to see your competitors having taken a headstart. You must put your imagination behind every campaign, from SEO to social media marketing and PPC, and execute them flawlessly. It can sound overwhelming, and you need an expert team to guide you with your quarterly marketing strategy and take your message to the audience.

At Cyrusson Inc., we are all geared up with marketing strategies for 2023. We are a full-service agency helping clients build momentum for all the different quarters of the year. From redesigning your website to managing content marketing and from paid search marketing to helping your brand buzz on social media, we bring knowledge, skills, and passion to this job. Call us at 415-228-9969 for a free consultation now, and let’s get started!

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