SEO Best Practices For CBD Companies

Feb 10, 2022 | All, CBD / Cannabis Marketing, Content Marketing, SEO

Why SEO For CBD Companies?

SEO is a proven method for improving your web presence and driving potential customers to your website to make a purchase. For CBD businesses, this kind of digital marketing is even more important, as other channels of outreach are limited by federal and state laws.

Determine Your Target Audience For Content 

Once you determine your niche, use it to populate your website with relevant, high-quality content. Starting off with blogging is a great way. If your subject is skincare, for instance, write about CBD products for different skin types, or how CBD oil can help with anti-aging. Your ultimate goal should be to draw people to your site.

Picking Right Target Keywords

You should pick the long-tail keywords as well. Long-tail keywords are more specific keywords or phrases. Generally, they are longer compared to the normal searched keywords. These kinds of keywords get less search traffic, but they have more conversion value, since they are more particular. They drive more traffic gradually and your website can be discovered more by new and dedicated consumers.

Use Meta Tags

Title tags and meta descriptions are vital to your SEO strategy. Choose keywords that are relevant to your niche and incorporate them in your meta tags. This is the process of how the people interested in your products and services will find your business. For example, while everyone is searching for CBD, but your customer is searching for CBD anti-aging skincare. That’s the difference.

Page Outlines and Content Planning

In this segment you have to start planning for supporting contents and page outlines. Collect the related questions and queries that consumers usually ask around your topic. Consider them into your keyword research to search for related search volume. 

The following serial is a sample content outline for your guide on CBD:

  • H1: Things you must know about CBD
  • H2: Effects of CBD 
  • H2: Benefits of CBD 
  • H3: Using CBD for inflammation and pain
  • H3: Using CBD for Cancer
  • H2: Side Effects of CBD 

Hire A CBD Marketing Agency 

If you are wondering about how to start off your digital marketing campaign, simply move towards any well known marketing team who knows the industry.  Cyrusson can help you build a strong and effective CBD digital marketing strategy that targets your ideal customers and boosts your SEO rankings, reach out to us today!


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