SEO For Law Firms: A 2022 Guide from the Attorney SEO Experts (With Tips)

Dec 7, 2021 | All, Digital Marketing, Law Firm Marketing, SEO

In this blog, we review the basics of SEO for Law Firms, with specific tips and examples included. You’ll learn what Search Engine Optimization is, learn tactical strategies for implementing SEO.

In this digital era, most people are now going online to find lawyers to help with their legal issues, research information and compare their options. But if it turns out to be difficult for people to find you online, you’re most likely losing out on a significant amount of potential clients.

First and foremost, our guide focuses on SEO for lawyers who are just at the beginning stages of developing an online lead generation strategy. So let’s go ahead and work on attracting potential clients.

Why is Law Firm SEO Important?

If you’re a law firm and looking to grow your business, organic search traffic is a significant marketing channel that often goes overlooked. 

Though research gives good reason to suggest that more attention be paid to improving law firm SEO. According to the 2019 Legal Trends Report, 17% of legal consumers looked for a lawyer via online search. SEO can seem difficult to understand to you, but it’s an essential component to a basic marketing strategy for law firms

Now that we’ve marked off the basic definition of SEO and why it’s so important for law firms and attorneys. Without making any further due, let’s dive further into each of the factors important to SEO ranking. Both Google Ads and Bing Ads provide you with an opportunity to pay for clicks to your website by running an ad campaign on the search engine results pages. 

These campaigns can be successful in capturing Google or Bing traffic, but the reality is that you are ultimately paying for traffic from users who already have their interest in what your law firm has to offer. An effective PPC campaign relies on thorough targeting through keywords, location, and more; yet fails to get organic rankings on search engines. Instead, PPC ads are placed in the top slots as ads.

Furthermore, users report higher trust with organic rankings when compared to paid ads.SEO requires a different approach to effectively capturing traffic that includes site optimization, backlinks, engaging content, and more. Both SEO and PPC have benefits, and we can help you with each of these strategies to drive meaningful traffic to your law firm’s website.

Organic Traffic Growth

Simply including only relevant keywords on a web page or blog post can not help you all along on getting a page’s SEO ranking.

Since many different factors go into a search engine’s ranking system. Remember that Google’s focus is providing their customers with a great user experience, based on their specific search terms. 

The following description will discuss the importance of an SEO-friendly website, content publishing, and linking across the web — these are three pillars of a strong SEO campaign.

SEO Friendly Website

Sites that are slow to load, difficult to navigate, or have low-quality information will not provide a searcher with the results they are looking for.

So it’s better search engine companies continuously hone their algorithms to provide the best user experience possible. 

Content Publishing

SEO becomes effective when you are able to provide useful, relevant, and authoritative information that provides value to your visitors while proving that you are a reliable figure in your industry. 

As long as you keep on publishing more relevant and engaging content on your website, the search engine program will index each page into their database and assign a ranking based on a set of factors, including things like past users’ experiences on your page, the degree to which your site is interlinked with other sites across the internet.

Link Building

Link building is one of the major pillars in search engine optimization. Many people, at beginning, tend to either overlook or find it to be too time-consuming to focus on this action while managing their own SEO campaign.

Indeed, link building is the only unique process of generating links pointing to your website from other reputable sources in your industry. Whereas the search engine algorithms recognize that there are many links directing users to your page from other websites across the internet, the algorithms take this as a good signal that your site is a trustworthy resource that search users will benefit from visiting. 

Finding yourself unsure how to begin ranking your law firm in top searches? Feel free to reach out to the Cyrusson Team and book a call to review your options and the ideal approach to get your law firm found by potential clients!

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