SEO For Small Businesses: What to Consider

Nov 9, 2020 | SEO, All, Digital Marketing

Small businesses must consider SEO and how they can use resources available to them for improving their online presence. Running a small business is no easy task. If you are successfully managing a small business, kudos to you! However, you must realize that that your organization must grow to prosper. New ideas, products and services must reach new people as you go along acquiring new customers. One of the best ways for small businesses to reach out to more people is to improve their presence on the digital landscape. But it’s easier said than done. Most often small businesses do not have time for SEO or search engine optimization – one of the main components of digital marketing.

If you need to ramp up your digital presence and work on your organization’s SEO, get to work today. How do you do it? SEO isn’t easy, neither is it an impossible task. You need to take few key decisions in the right direction, such as analyzing your team’s expertise in the matter, feasibility to outsource the job and your ability to leverage work on a SaaS platform. Below we shall be talking in detail about these things and why you must consider them before taking any decision.

1 – Managing SEO With Internal Resources
Many small businesses decide to tackle digital marketing on their own. Before you follow their footsteps, you must understand the implications of managing SEO with internal resources. Basically, there are two approaches you could adopt – do everything alone or give your team an additional (unwanted?) workload. If you are thinking that you don’t have much SEO requirement and everything can be single-handedly managed, you are wrong. You must realize that time is your valuable friend and you shouldn’t be overwhelmed with work outside your core business needs. SEO isn’t a one-time job – Google keeps changing its algorithm from time to time which means you have to boost your digital presence on a regular basis. Is your team trained for this? Do you have the necessary internal resources to carry on search engine optimization for a long time? Most importantly, do you have the time?

2 – Working On a SaaS Platform
You may have heard of Software as a Service or SaaS platforms. These are cloud-based platforms that use Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning etc. Using these platforms isn’t difficult. You don’t need to be trained in SEO or digital marketing to use SaaS. Rudimentary technical know-how is enough to make you sail through. Most small businesses use these cloud-based platforms because they are affordable. Everything from WordPress to Salesforce, Shopify to MailChimp are built on the SaaS model. You could use an appropriate platform for SEO and get results. But without technical knowledge, there could be a limit on how much these platforms can help. After a point you need to understand the ever-changing dynamics of SEO to get continuous results. Can SaaS give you an edge?

3 – Outsourcing SEO To Agencies
Plan A and Plan B aren’t the most desirable ones, are they? There is too much at stake for you to experiment single-handedly or take refuge of a platform you have little understanding of. Hiring a digital marketing agency that has expertise in the matter is an ideal solution. Small businesses find it hard to stretch their budget to outsource work, but in this case do it. At the end your expenses will be justified. Most digital marketing agencies offer an array of solutions catered to help you not just with SEO but with social media campaigns, email marketing, PPC and more. Obviously they know what they are doing and are good at their job. While you need to pay upfront, in hindsight you will see that every penny spent is accounted for. They won’t just promise you improved SEO but over a period of time you will see results.

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