Should I Hire A Marketing Agency?

May 8, 2022 | All, Business Development, Digital Marketing, Marketing

This article focuses on the need to hire a marketing agency and throws insight on when to hire an agency. Looking to hire a marketing agency? Good. That’s the right thing to do for your business now. But innumerable questions are buzzing through your mind right now, isn’t it?

  • Is investing in a marketing campaign wise?
  • Who should involve in the process?
  • When is it the right time to hire an agency?

Yes, these are questions worth finding answers to. You must know what you are diving into. Today, we bring to you all the answers you were looking for. In this blog, we will address the concerns that every business has about hiring marketing agencies. So, let’s not waste any more time. Let’s get started!

Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Agency

Why should I hire a marketing agency? That’s often the first question that pops in mind, right? It’s natural to be skeptical about outsourcing such a ‘simple’ job’.

There are several obvious advantages of hiring an agency, so much so that they weigh over the investment and initial groundwork that may seem tedious. Let’s look at some of the advantages of hiring a marketing agency.

It is a Cost-Effective Solution

Though initially, it may not seem so, hiring an agency is much cheaper than investing in your team. Building a new team means training employees and offering them the necessary infrastructure.

Unfortunately, many companies continue to cite budget constraints as one of the main reasons why they are not hiring a marketing agency. Though their numbers are slowly decreasing, many businesses continue to believe that agencies cost more. But that’s far from the truth.
In reality, it is more cost-effective to hire an agency than employ someone on the company payroll (and take care of employee benefits, sick days, vacation etc).
in reality, most companies do not spend on an average more than $5000 on a marketing agency every month. And that’s cheap, you’d agree!

Have Specialized People Working For You

Businesses that have employed independent marketing agencies have time and again reiterated how they were able to hire experts instead of working with novices (as employees). Working with an agency means you have the best team of copywriters, web designers, PPC advertisers, SEO experts, content creators, social media managers etc. working for you.

Outsourcing helps to get the skills of at least 10 people. Just as you wouldn’t draft a contract without hiring a lawyer, you shouldn’t be working on your digital marketing campaign with a jack-of-all-trade. Instead, you should get an expert on board. Planning to run the marketing campaign yourself isn’t the best idea for your business. To save a few bucks, you will harm your business in the long run. Expertise is required for better campaign planning and that happens when you work with the experts.

Work With a Fresh Perspective

Sometimes you need to look at things from a new perspective. Agencies bring a fresh set of eyes that helps to recognize the pitfalls in your existing campaign and they help to improve your overall campaign design.

When the experts work on your marketing campaign, they bring lots of knowledge and experience to the table. They also use various tools which work to your benefit. Moreover, they have access to industry intelligence, have a network and can run a background test before launching any new campaign. All this can aid in promoting your business.

Small businesses that cannot afford to employ a bunch of marketing experts can use the resources and perspectives offered by agencies to their benefit. It is cost-effective (as we mentioned before) and you get to enjoy assured and measurable results.

Why You Should Hire An Agency?       

We have illustrated the advantages of hiring a marketing agency. But what can be some of the other reasons why you should give them a call? Let’s take a look.

  • You outsource to focus on other areas of the business,
  • Want to see measurable results,
  • Achieve your goals in lesser time,
  • Want to work with a new perspective,
  • Become scalable without investing in new employees,
  • Have access to the latest tools,
  • See it as a cost-saving exercise,
  • Build a solid digital presence,
  • Reach out to a bigger audience,
  • March ahead of competitors.

When Is the Right Time to Call the Agency?

Marketing agencies bring a lot to the table. They are cost-effective, offer skilled people, and help save time. And we have already spoken about the other reasons that work in their favor as well.

Now, the question is when should you hire an agency? When is the right time to give them a call? Some indicators are –

  • When You Want to Explore New Channels
    Digital marketing is not just social media management nor is it simple search engine optimization. It is the right use of multiple channels so that your overall campaign can be a success.

If you think you can do the groundwork – of drafting a strategy, studying your competitors, collecting and analyzing existing data – and finally executing a marketing campaign all by yourself – you are misleading yourself. Not only is this a waste of time but there is no guarantee of results when experts do not back your plan.

Instead, when you outsource the work to an agency they begin the campaign with a solid foundation. They have adequate research, data and comprehensive knowledge of the market dynamics which gives them leeway. They are also better equipped to understand which marketing channels work best for your campaign and which don’t.

For example, you think your social media presence needs to be stronger. That’s just what you feel. The reality is that according to research, your SEO needs work.

If you too are in a position where your ideas and the realities of your campaign do not match, you need to hire an agency immediately.

  • Your Business is in the Middle of a Transition
    If your business is at a critical juncture where you are transitioning – you will need help. Maybe you are moving to an eCommerce setup or are expanding your business footprint – you need help in such cases.
    When going through a transformation (as we have so closely seen during the pandemic), you will need an agency to handhold you. They will help you make smarter investments, will appropriately measure your reach, and will constantly improve your brand image.

If you feel constrained or things are not moving forward, you must give the marketing agency a call.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can I utilize my time better if I delegate?
  • Am I spending too much time doing something without seeing any results?

If answers to these questions are yes then you need a digital marketing expert to help you out.

  • You Know What You Want
    Marketing is a means to an end. When you realize that and know what you need to achieve your goals, you should outsource the digital campaign job to an agency. But if you are still unsure about what you want and which direction your company must be moving, you should wait a while before hiring them.

Experts continuously reiterate the importance of hiring marketing agents at the right time. Getting them on board early will waste your time and resources while getting them too late will mean too much damage control.

That’s why it’s important to look at marketing as a means. Make this your guiding light and you will know when to hire them.

  • When Your Growth Stagnates
    When you have made little progress in achieving your marketing goals, you should realize that something isn’t working. You must realign and recalibrate to improve the growth trajectory. And here’s the truth. Unless your strategy is right, you won’t see growth.

It is important to review your existing strategy from time to time to see if you are making any progress. If the figures aren’t showing favorable results then it means you must sit with a new team to develop a new strategy.
Another good indicator to know when it’s time to hire an agency is when you compare your results with that of your competitors. If you notice your competitors are doing better than you, you should know it’s time to make that very important call.

When you know your internal efforts (in terms of SEO, PPC or social media marketing) aren’t paying the dividends they should, it means you need to seek outside guidance.

  • When You Lack the Required Skillset
    This is pretty much self-explanatory. You may begin a digital marketing campaign with the right attitude. You may pretty much have a well-intended plan in place but unless you have the required skill set, you won’t be making much headway.

If you do not have the resources required to implement your plan, it is difficult to achieve your goals. Aim to associate with an agency that agrees to take ownership of operations from the word – GO. Of course, they must also be cost-effective but more importantly, they must compensate for the skills you lack.

  • When You Don’t Have the Time
    As the head of your company, you would understand the importance of time management. Unless you can manage your time, you won’t make much progress. It is important to weigh in the tasks at hand and prioritize the ones that you must do yourself while delegating the rest to experts. When a task can be outsourced (in this case digital marketing), do it.

Remember, time is of the essence in any business and if you can’t do something, outsource it.

  • When You Just Know It!
    Sometimes you must trust your instinct. If it feels the time to outsource, it must be the time to call an agency. Do not get embroiled with stats and data if you feel it’s time to call in the experts. There is simply nothing more to it, really!

Perks of Hiring a Reliable Digital Marketing Agency

While it is important to know WHEN to hire a marketing agency, it is equally important to hire the right team for the job. Unless you have the support of a great team, your digital marketing efforts will never really take off.

This is where we come into the picture. Cyrusson Inc. is a boutique digital marketing agency that works to help small and medium-sized business boost their digital presence in this ever-competitive world. We offer our niche expertise to every client so that your individual needs are addressed and met.

We follow a simple rule – do what’s best for the client. We believe in taking ownership of the problem and like to address it multi-dimensionally. We offer multiple digital marketing solutions such as SEO, PPC campaigns, social media marketing, reputation management, content creation, branding, business listings and a lot more. If you want the best team to work for you, contact us today! Book a free consultation or just give us a call. We are here to help you.



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