Small Business Marketing in the Time of COVID-19

Aug 16, 2021 | All, Business Development, Digital Marketing, Marketing

In the midst of the pandemic, some businesses tried so hard to stay open and find other ways to market their products. Some were able to bounce back, while some had no other choice but to close their doors forever. In an economy as fragile as what we have right now, it’s hard for almost any business out there to make a profit. That’s why in times of intense disruption such as what we’re experiencing right now, business owners need to step up and think of better ways to market their brand that should be tailored to the times that we’re in right now. The following are just some lessons or even survival tips that can benefit small businesses all around the country.

 Small Business Tip #1 – Learn to Embrace Innovation

Small, local businesses are fighting for their survival right now, and if there’s a better time to start innovating, this should be it. We have seen that some of the greatest leaps forward in our history have come from times of intense disruption. In fact, some of the biggest and most enduring companies right now were birthed in times not so different from what we are experiencing right now. If you want to survive and thrive again as a business, you need to be willing to embrace a new way of thinking and doing business.

 Small Business Tip #2 – Small Investments Can Pay Big Dividends

Small businesses can use self-service tools and platforms to enhance brand awareness even without investing too much. In this mostly digital landscape, there are many tools and ways that will allow you to market your business with very little cost. You can start by optimizing your Google My Business account or even your Yelp profile. Now’s also the best time to revisit your SEO and make sure you’re following the latest best practices in the industry right now. Finally, social media marketing will be your friend in the coming months or even in the foreseeable future.

 Small Business Tip #3 – Trust the Data and Let it Guide Your Decisions

When it comes to making marketing decisions, it’s important to measure and quantify your success. A marketing campaign without the means to measure success is doomed to fail. Set a measure for your success and make use of the data you’ve gathered. Understanding data trends is crucial to any business as it empowers you to identify what is working and what is not. If you happen to find not-so-favorable results, then you need to use the data to know where the disconnect is and improve your campaign.

Small Business Tip #4 – Build Trust

 In this time of uncertainty, finding someone you can trust is in short supply. As a brand and a business, you need to take advantage of that and do your best to build up your reputation and make your customers feel that they can trust you. Build strong relationships with your audience no matter how long it takes. You need to nurture those relationships and let them feel that you are a brand that is worthy of their trust. Stay open, honest, and considerate when communicating with your audience. Only then will they open up and finally connect with you.


Businesses need to take their marketing efforts to the next level if they are to make it through this pandemic. As a business owner, you need to brave new waters and build the trust of your audience so you can become one step closer to success. 

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