Social Media’s Impact on Businesses: 3 Important Statistics

Oct 27, 2020 | Social Media, All, Digital Marketing

It’s easy to see why social media marketing is one of the many primary focuses of different brands’ marketing teams. Because social media is easily accessible to a business’s target demographics, companies can connect to them on a personal level. This more personal interaction shows how digital spaces can simulate real life, an innovation from the usual traditional marketing processes.

Almost every business seems to have a general understanding that social media is one of the most powerful marketing platforms available. However, not many know what statistics to cite or support this claim.

Knowing the specifics about social media marketing

It’s alarming how many business owners are still against using digital marketing to expand their brand’s presence. Every up-and-coming startup builds its roots by starting a business page for their company, which is confusing why older businesses aren’t doing the same.

As a marketing agency, we must communicate on the same level with our clients. We can give you solid facts and figures to reconsider your stance against this diverse marketing network.

In this article, we will share three compelling statistics to convince you to use social media marketing.

1. The global reach of social media

On raw figures alone, the extensive reach of social media networks amounts to over 3.81 billion people. This doesn’t include brand personalities, alt accounts, and fan pages. This statistic shows the broad market you can tap into, which is crucial for international operations such as eCommerce businesses.

From this number, the leading platforms with the highest number of users are Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter. Sitting at the top with 2.5 billion monthly users, Facebook continues to dominate the social media marketing wars with its broad positioning with a diverse set of users. In contrast, Twitter and Instagram don’t appeal to all demographics. However, they do have a strong connection with Gen Z consumers.

2. The impact of mobile devices

Another recurring trend for digital marketing strategies is the need to adapt to mobile devices. The accessibility to faster internet connections allows people to log on to their social media accounts whenever and wherever they are. Almost 52% of internet traffic comes from smartphones, which is why it’s essential to adapt your marketing strategies to satisfy mobile users.

Reaching potential customers wherever they are is a benefit to many businesses, from restaurants to third-party logistics providers. Facebook continues to dominate the digital space as its app is accessible through mobile devices. Its mobile app generates over 78% of its ad profits from mobile users. This is because people on the go are more likely to engage with brands’ marketing content, from videos to comment threads.

3. The value of increasing your marketing channels

The eCommerce industry’s popularity is one of the latest trends that grows side-by-side with social media marketing. Networks such as Instagram and Facebook have an online marketplace option for businesses that want to set up shop in their platforms. This accommodation to sellers comes from the statistic that over 59% of consumers consult social media for shopping trends and ideas.

Consumers look at photos and recommendations from their mutual posts and business’ pages as an ideal place to start their digital window shopping. For this reason, Instagram and Facebook’s marketplace functions make them an excellent sales funnel entry point to direct sales from socials to your business website.


It’s vital to adapt your business to modern forms of doing business, from renovating your onsite location to upgrading your digital marketing strategies. When it comes to social media marketing, the figures don’t lie and show the vast potential of how it can magnify your company’s goals and sales margins.

Adapting modern marketing methods will be challenging if you don’t know where to start and where you’re going. If you need online advertising services in San Francisco, our trained digital marketing experts are happy to help. Get in touch with us today to learn more about how we can transition your business to online spaces!


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