The 3 Ds You Can Expect To Encounter In Digital Marketing

Aug 28, 2021 | All, Digital Ads, Digital Marketing


If you’re a business owner looking to expand your reach online, then you may have heard of the power of digital marketing. Compared to traditional offline advertising, digital advertising lets you target a bigger audience without breaking the bank. You also don’t have to waste your time and efforts promoting your business to people that won’t find your offers useful. Instead, you can focus on the very consumers that can provide their support because they’re actually interested in your products and are looking forward to your latest deals.

Digital marketing involves 3 “D’s” that work to help your brand boost engagement with consumers and incorporate effective marketing strategies. Keep reading below to learn more about these D’s and how they affect your business strategy.

Digital Devices

When it comes to applying digital marketing solutions to promote your business, you can benefit from multiple devices to showcase your campaigns. The typical gadgets you usually reach out to your customers in are smartphones, computers, laptops, and tablets.

But due to the rise of various inventions that manufacturing companies continue to produce, you can find yourself considering other devices as well. There are Smart TVs, watches, and gaming consoles—all of which a user can access websites and applications too. 

Digital Platform

There are countless digital platforms you can make use of to boost your internet marketing strategy and promote your brand over the web. But before you decide what channels to focus on, you have to get to know your target audience and find out their interests and behaviors.

Only then can you proceed with selecting the right online platform and start developing your brand’s online profile. In doing so, you can display your products or services and encourage consumers to visit your website or physical store.

When you learn to use social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, you will have better chances of reaching your audience. After all, it’s a given fact that most people that browse the internet have at least one social media account that lets them connect with people and discover new brands.

Digital Media

Digital media talks about the numerous electronic media you can use to apply online advertising services to get you the results you want. It’s the platform you decide to use to reach out to potential customers across the world.

When you incorporate the appropriate media, you can expect to receive more customers and enhance their awareness about your brand, including your products or services. In fact, you can select from numerous digital media channels.

Apart from utilizing the power of the internet and search engine results to attract more prospects, you can also rely on mobile applications. Plenty of users spend a considerable portion of their time on their phones daily, so if you’re managing an eCommerce website, a mobile app can help you increase your profit down the line. Besides that, you can also try email marketing as well.


Now that you’re familiar with the 3 Ds, you can proceed with developing your digital marketing strategy to begin promoting your business online. If you’re still unfamiliar with controlling your chosen platform, let alone using technology, it will help to reach out to a digital agency for professional assistance.

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