The Best Website Strategies for Real Estate Companies in 2021

Nov 7, 2021 | All, Digital Marketing, Real Estate Marketing

If you want to succeed as a real estate company, you are going to have to rely on your website to get the job done. Let’s take a look at what it takes to create an effective real estate website in 2021.

High-quality photo gallery

High-quality photos on your website can increase your traffic, improve the user experience, and increase your conversions. Investing in professional photography can help your site’s rankings in search engines, attract interested buyers, and increase the time people spend on your site for the simple reason that visuals are more captivating than words.

Besides, most businesses still use stock images. So, having unique images can not only allow you to differentiate yourself in the market but also help you build your credibility faster.

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Ridiculously informative blog

For real estate businesses, website traffic is the most important marketing metric. Google’s rankings are based on an algorithm that analyzes the content of a web page to see how well it answers searchers’ queries. If Google tells searchers that your page is the best page on the Internet for a given search, your page will rank higher.

Good content, such as in-depth, well-researched, and shareable blog posts, is at the core of a great website. If your posts are consistently compelling enough to convince you to keep reading and share the link with other people, chances are that your site will attract massive amounts of traffic and rank higher.

Long-tail keywords

If you have been in real estate for a while now, you already know how much work it takes to get your website to rank well. Ranking well on Google is a matter of optimizing for keywords, and keywords are very competitive. So competitive, in fact, that people just give up.

So what can you do? Long-tail keywords might be able to help! 

Long-tail keywords receive high search volume but enjoy relatively low competition. They are, in effect, search phrases that are extremely specific. So, they are perfect for niche real estate businesses. 

Here’s why.

When people type “real estate broker” in the search box, Google’s algorithm gives them a list of results for random brokers that it thinks might be relevant to you.

However, someone searching for a “penthouse real estate broker in San Francisco Bay Area” knows exactly what they want and has a better chance of converting if you offer that exact service – making long-tail keywords more effective.

Yet, most businesses optimize for the first type of keyword and end up competing in a crowded space. So, if you want to cut through the noise, get specific.

Problem-specific landing pages

Only a small part of your website is dedicated to educating your potential customers. The rest of the site is for the products you sell. But converting visitors is still a problem. That’s why experts recommend building landing pages. 

But unfortunately, even that doesn’t always help because most landing pages don’t convert. Here’s why.

Businesses typically create one landing page for a group of keywords and call it a day. To accommodate the keywords, the content is written in such a way that it speaks to everyone rather than speaking to one specific type of customer.

The highest converting landing pages are problem-specific. They don’t cater to visitors searching for “Apartments in California,” instead they directly speak to people who are searching for “Fully furnished apartments in San Francisco Bay Area.”

While this strategy is actionable, it is quite time-consuming because you need to create one landing page for every query to enjoy more conversions.

Accessible search bar

Your website’s job is to organize all the information that your brand has ever put out and make it accessible to your visitors. The more easily available it is, the better; search bars do just that!

Search bars are indispensable for real estate websites. Suppose that a visitor wants to look up something related to duplexes on your website. Instead of going through each page, a search bar will take them to all the pages that mention the word “duplex” on your site.

The tool will list every topic related to that search term and make finding content easier for your visitor. This will further improve the visitor’s impression of your site and enrich their online experience.

But not all search bars are the same. Some websites have a full-screen block search bar while some have it hidden in the footer. Since the search bar is likely to be the most important navigation tool, it is important that you have one that’s well-designed and easily visible on every page.

Visible social proof

Testimonials and reviews are a way of showing potential customers that other people just like them have used your services and enjoyed them. They are one of the best ways to convince people to invest in your services.

Since testimonials can be used to show that other customers were in the same situation, faced the same problems, and benefited from your services, they can help build trust. Simply because they are better than simple promises; they are proof that your service is effective.

Therefore, one of the best real estate website strategies in 2021 is carefully positioning social proof from past customers on your site in such a way that none of your visitors can miss out on them on scrolling.

Mobile-friendly browsing

The best real estate websites do a few things really well. They are fast and a lot of them load in less than 1 second, they are mobile-friendly, and they are easy to use and navigate.

At least 50% of all your visitors will be using mobile devices to check out your website, so you need to be well-prepared to host them. This means optimizing your layout and content to suit smaller devices a.k.a. smartphones if you want to stay competitive in the market. When in doubt refer to our best practices of mobile-friendly websites.

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