The Top 3 Best Strategies for Your Business’s Link Building

Jan 7, 2022 | All, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, SEO

Link Building 101

Link building is one of the aspects of SEO that many people may be confused about. While it sounds fairly easy and self-explanatory, the concept of link building is not as simple as it seems. This is not to say that you could not do it, but it may take a lot of studying and learning to do so.

However, with the right strategies, link building can boost your pages and conversion rate greatly. So, what are the right strategies that you will need to implement when it comes to link building? We will discuss these strategies below for you to learn more:

1 – Allow Guest Posting

A lot of websites make the mistake of not allowing guest posting as they may not find it relevant. However, guest posting is actually a great way for link building that is free and accessible.

How guest posting works is that you invite guest writers or allow them to submit requests to create content on your website. Not only does this make for great content on your website, but guest authors will often include a backlink for their own website. It’s a win-win situation for the parties involved.

The best part is, most of the time, those who reach out for guest posting are also experts in their area. This will ensure that you only get high-quality content from guest writers, leading to high-quality links. You can also filter out the requests you receive to meet whatever standards you may have.

2 — Use Relationship-Based Link Building (RBLB)

This is more than just collaborating with other websites to link to each other’s content. As the name implies, it is based on relationships. That means that you and whatever business you choose to collaborate with need to have a similar mindset and content that complement each other.

When it comes to link building with others, make sure that you are able to meet their needs as well as they meet yours. Ideally, you may want to work with businesses that are in a similar venture as yours, but not exactly the same, so that they would not be your competitors.

Try to create a good plan with the website you choose to collaborate with. Make content that is substantial and makes sense for both of your businesses. The emphasis on RBLB should be a harmonious combination where the links flow smoothly and easily with one another.

3 — Through Digital PR

This comes from a traditional marketing strategy—press releases. Digital PR is simply just the digital form of this. Your business has a press release, and you collaborate with journalists to do your coverage.

As easy as it may sound, the difficult part about this is that your press release needs to be interesting enough for a journalist. Journalists and news websites would only want coverage on stories that will sell and garner clicks. They will not pick up your press release if it is not interesting enough.

Also, make sure to let them know what you want when it comes to link building. Journalists will typically include your links on their coverage, but better to talk it out with them to be sure.


Link building may seem like it is a scary concept, and while there is a lot to learn about it, it can be done through proper planning. Just make sure to follow our strategies above for the best outcome on your link building.

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