Tips To Manage Underperforming Website Content For Better SEO

May 6, 2021 | All, Digital Marketing, SEO

The online world is a competitive place where individuals and businesses fight for the top spot on search engine results to achieve more online visitors and customers. More people are slowly growing accustomed to the power of search engine optimization (SEO), so it has been particularly challenging to stay unique and figure out a digital marketing solution that works best for you. 

If you’ve been producing content and have witnessed it bring in more clients and higher sales than ever, it can’t guarantee you that things will remain the same. Over time, the content you’ve worked so hard to develop can lose engagement in the same way that the current trends tend to change with the times! 

But if you learn to manage your existing SEO content right, you don’t have to worry about thinking your previously published pages don’t serve their purpose anymore. You can simply do the necessary measures to audit, modernize, and update your old content to achieve a high online ranking. 

Keep reading below to find out how to get back on track by focusing on your underperforming website content. 

Perform a Content Audit of Your Website

You have to begin by discovering your content that has started to underperform and affect your website negatively. Anything you produce that doesn’t do its job of driving traffic or turning your visitors into customers is considered underperforming website content.

A content audit is a process that helps you locate published content that doesn’t seem to reach its fullest potential. There are audit tools available online that you can use to run a performance test on your website to locate the pages that aren’t doing well to attract organic searches and conversion metrics.

Make an Organized List of Your Content 

If you want to be more specific about determining underperforming content, you can also consider doing a manual procedure. Small business owners can benefit from creating a spreadsheet file for organization purposes.

You will have to list your content one by one and put the links under a category based on their content type, which includes blog posts, guides, marketing copy, author, and date published. Once you’ve listed them out, you should incorporate each URL into Google Analytics to find out which of your posts receive the least organic page views and visitors!

Initiate the Necessary On-Page Revisions

After highlighting the specific URLs that aren’t doing well, and you’ve narrowed down your list of underperforming website content, you can begin checking each link one by one and fixing their errors or oversights. Typical on-page elements that require necessary edits include the title, use of keywords, meta description, and tags.

If you notice your content used to perform well but lost its drive, it may need an update to get it back on track. After exhausting the on-page revisions for the content you’ve previously published but still isn’t doing well, then you can consider rewriting the content and even adding new ideas to try and improve it! 

Optimize Your Off-Page Content 

Aside from fixing your on-page text, you also have to touch up on your off-page elements whenever you initiate a content audit. It includes broken links that lead to wrong web pages and self-created links that search engines can easily penalize for apparent errors.

Inbound broken links or the links that direct to your specific content that aren’t working are also considered off-page content and should be fixed right away. Backlink building or sharing your URLs on community forums and social media platforms are also necessary for uplifting your content through the help of your target audience.


When you notice some of your previously published content isn’t doing well and isn’t attracting visitors like they used to anymore, that doesn’t mean you should give up on them entirely. You can still find a way to create a new purpose for your content by either updating them or publishing them in a different light. For the best results, you have to partner with an SEO expert to work on how you want to improve your underperforming website content and develop new meaning into them.

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