Turn Your Website into a Lead Generating Monster

Jun 25, 2020 | Digital Marketing, All

Turning your website into a lead generating monster isn’t impossible if a few key things are kept in mind, such as an effective UX, quality content, good SEO. Your online marketing efforts will only be fruitful when you have an attractive, informative and unique website. Essentially a website acts like the headquarters of all your online activities and any amount of social media marketing, PPC, link building can only be successful when you have a website worth remembering. According to several stats, most users leave poorly designed websites even if they had intention of using it for business, pleasure or service.

A well-built website is the cornerstone of successful online presence. You can no longer do with an average looking website and expect it to generate leads. In this article we shall be focusing on few things that will help you turn your website into a lead-generating monster.

1. Ensure Your Domain Name is Good   

One of the common mistakes small businesses make is choosing a domain name for their business which is difficult to remember. The domain name that you choose should be descriptive, easy to spell, type and remember. While we understand the difficulties in registering an almost-generic domain name with a popular extension, you must try to do so. While it is best to go for a .com extension, the other feasible alternatives are .net, .biz, or .org. An ideal domain name should have less than 15 characters and there shouldn’t be any punctuations or dashes in between.  However, a longer domain name for a .com extension is a better alternative than going for a shorter name with a less popular extension.

2. An Attractive Home Page Always Helps         

Would you like to read a book that has an unattractive cover? Probably not. That’s what happens when a website’s home page is poorly designed. A prospective lead will first land of your home page and if he doesn’t like it, he will immediately abandon it. Making the home page attractive, informative and intriguing is very important. It is equally necessary to have your CTA in the top fold of the page. Content on the home page must be concise, images must be meaningful and original and a visitor should be able to navigate from the page easily.

3. Good SEO Always Pays Off    

You cannot do away with SEO. By that we also mean that you must continuously work to optimize your website. Google and other search engines keep changing their algorithms making it impossible for your website to always remain on top without SEO. But keyword optimization isn’t enough.  You must consider the importance of mobile optimization, voice search and long-tail keyword search. Quality content on your website – that which readily answers everything worth knowing about your business, is equally important.

4. Make It Easy for Visitors to Like You  

Guide your visitors through your website. Instead of having one call to action on the home page, have customized ones in all the pages. It makes it easy for the visitors and they feel that they are moving in the right direction. If you are using forms, make them simple. Have auto-complete fields wherever possible. Make sure your content is concise, effective, and informative and ends with a call to action (again!). It is also a good idea to keep the “Contact Us” button on the header or footer of every page so that people can easily contact you.

5. Effective Use of Multiple Landing Page          

If you are serious about generating leads, you shouldn’t simply be happy with CTAs. Make every page a landing page. This happens when each page fulfills a specific search query and a visitor is automatically directed to that page. The reason is quite simple – you cannot and should not overload a single page with too much information.  

Before winding up, it is impertinent that we stress on quality content. You must use content that is fresh and informative using short sentences. Equally important is enhancing user experience. Keep the website simple, keep a lot of empty space, make apt use of images and build a system of internal links. Keeping these things in mind will make sure that your website generates leads like never before!

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