Website Basics For Businesses

Dec 27, 2019 | Digital Marketing, All

Should Your Business Have a Website?

The answer to this question is simple and straightforward. Do you need a website for your business? Definitely, yes. Your business doesn’t just need a website, it needs a properly designed, well-developed one that will easily generate leads, increase sales, and be specific to your brand.

Whether you have a big or small business, having a strong online presence is crucial in this technology-induced era. Not only do you have to be active on social media, but you also need a dedicated space on the internet to call your own. Hence, a website.

Regardless of what type of industry you are operating your business in, having a website is a must. With the digital transformation, customers are relying heavily on the internet finding out things for themselves. Need a particular product? Look it up on the internet, and you are given countless of options. If your business name does not pop up on the list, you are seriously falling behind.

If you are still not convinced about why you need a website, here are a few reasons:

  • Your website enables you to be available to your customer 24×7.
  • You can target a larger audience through your website. Your website can also help you go global, and make a name for yourself all across the globe.
  • Your online presence will say a lot about your business. If you don’t have a website, customers may deem you as not professional enough and overlook your services. Your website will help your brand gain legitimacy and improve your credibility.
  • When your potential customers want to know more specifics about your business, they will look for a website. The basic information of any business is mainly found on their website.
  • Having a website and investing in SEO will help you beat your competitors even if you are new in the industry. The SEO will guarantee that your name pops up first on every search result.

Website Basics For Businesses, What it needs:

Great, now that you agree that you must have a website for your business, there are some key rules to follow in order to ensure its success:

  1. First and foremost, the description and introduction to your business must be front and center
  2. All your contact information and links to all your social media accounts must be easily seen and accessible
  3. Your domain name should be the same as your business name and be easy to remember
  4. A professional, yet easy to use and mobile-friendly website design
  5. A call to action for your business
  6. Testimonials from your customers
  7. Last but not least, SEO


If you have any more question about websites and how to get one professionally done, don’t hesitate to reach out to a certain digital marketing agency based in San Francisco Bay Area. We are always happy to help you create a strong online presence. Our experts will work with you to create a well-developed and professional looking website that speaks true to your brand. So, why wait? Hoping to hear from you soon!

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