What does an SEO Campaign Entail?

May 26, 2020 | SEO, All, Digital Marketing

In this article, we’ll illustrate the importance of SEO and what an SEO Campaign entails. The key to a successful SEO campaign is to understand one’s goals and the necessary steps to meet those goals.

Managing a small- to mid-sized business is not an easy task. There are lot of things to consider – right from assessing target audience, viability of the product or service to continuously reaching newer customer base. Additionally, business owners also have to look into ways of improving their visibility online via search engines. A lot goes into doing this and it all primarily starts with SEO or search engine optimization. The goal of SEO is quite simple – to optimize your business’ digital presence so that your brand name and products become discoverable on the Internet. Though the goal seems pretty simple, the execution needs expert solutions.

SEO and for that matter digital marketing is an ecosystem that is continuously evolving. There is absolutely nothing that can stay stagnant in SEO. This makes it all the more challenging especially for businesses. When you have to invest in an environment that continuously keeps changing, it means you have to invest money more often than you may think necessary. Can small- to mid-sized businesses afford this? What work is done during an SEO campaign? What is the SEO cost ? These are oft-repeated questions asked by business owners.

The answer isn’t straight-forward. No one can quote a figure and say that spending a certain amount can ensure optimum SEO. That’s because good search engine optimization is a culmination of several things that need to be analyzed before beginning an SEO Campaign. Some of the factors that need to be given a deeper look are:

  • Your Goals – A good SEO marketing campaign depends on keywords as much as it depends on your goals. SEO can help you reach numerous goals right from becoming industry leaders to increasing traffic to your website or to improving the conversion rate. Once we understand your SEO objectives.
  • Your Position/Expectation in The Industry – Is your business a part of a highly competitive industry? If that’s the case then you would invariably have to spend more on SEO because the competition is stiffer. However if your business is into something niche with little presence on the Internet, you can garner good results without spending a fortune.
  • Location – Is your business located in a city that contains a high level of competition? If there is a low barrier of competition, you’ll be able to rank quicker in your local area than if you are in a saturated market.
  • Campaign Size – Are you aiming to for a local campaign, statewide campaign or national campaign? Local campaigns will involve keywords that are dialed in to you geographical location. Local campaigns will require less work than a state-wide or national campaign. Typically, with a national campaign, you are now competing with the big companies in your industry and vying to rank on broad keywords. These types of campaigns take time are require much more off-site optimizations in order to bring up your rankings.
  • Keyword Usage – There was a time not very long ago when SEO meant sprinkling a few well-meaning keywords into a content. Today search engines don’t quite reward such a strategy. There are multiple considerations apart from keyword usage that must be taken into account. Having said so, using the right keywords is important. For example, the keyword “best hotels in New York” is a lot more generic than “best hotels in Manhattan”. Understanding the difference and working accordingly is important.

What Should Be Included In Your SEO Package
Ultimately it all boils down to what you should be paying for. Some of the services that should be included in your SEO package include:

  • Immediate SEO analysis and audit
  • On-site optimization
  • Content creation and link building
  • Social media optimization

If you are business owner thinking of SEO, there is no better time than now! We are more than happy to get your SEO Campaign going for you. If interested feel free to reach out!



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