What Does an SEO Company Do?

Dec 1, 2022 | All, Digital Marketing, SEO

Have you ever wondered what an SEO company does? We have the answers and look at how an SEO agency improves your website’s visibility and ranking on search engines.

Are you still in a dilemma about hiring an SEO agency? We’re sure you have heard and read about the benefits of Search Engine Optimization and how it can improve the visibility of your website and brand. While you can run a rudimentary SEO campaign based on tips and tricks you have learned on the Internet, a proper successful SEO strategy goes beyond choosing the right keywords.

We live in a world where people use the Internet as a primary source of information. From choosing the restaurants, they dine at to hiring attorneys; your web presence decides your success. Hence, SEO determines your business’ growth in the tech-savvy world. 

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What Purpose Does SEO Serve?   

SEO involves a combination of different strategies – content, site structure, link structure, etc. to improve your website’s ranking on the search engine. As you already know, most Internet users tend to click the first few links on the search engine result pages. Studies have shown that the top 3 results on Google account for more than 54% of the traffic. Hence, improving the ranking of your website and landing pages is the core aim of Search Engine Optimization.

What Does An SEO Company Do?

We have discussed the purpose of SEO. Now we focus on understanding the role of an SEO agency in improving your website’s visibility. A professional agency adopts a systematic approach to SEO where your project goes through different stages. These include –

SEO Company, SEO Agency, Cyrusson

SEO Groundwork

When you hire an SEO agency, they start with the groundwork. It is essential as your SEO campaign needs to align with your goals and consider your competition. Here are a few things your SEO company shall do at this stage

  •   Audit the website to assess its current performance
  •   Identify keywords relevant to your business and industry
  •   Assess the user-friendliness of the website as well as UI and UX
  •   Identify issues with the Metadata and website coding
  •   Study the link health of the website and
  •   Comprehensive analysis of competitors’ campaign

It is one of the most critical stages of optimizing the website as it helps the SEO agency spot the roadblocks in your rankings and identifies opportunities. Competitor analysis is vital as the success of any SEO campaign shall be measured on whether your website ranks ahead of your competitors.

Impact of the Latest Algorithms

An SEO agency would next monitor the impact of the latest algorithms on your website. Search Engines like Google constantly update their algorithms to improve the search experience for their users. Strategies that paid dividends in the past may have already started diminishing returns. Your SEO campaign needs to be aligned with the latest search engine algorithms.

SEO Services

Now we are into the business part of the SEO campaign. Here your SEO company would devise a tailored strategy based on the audit and analysis in the previous stages. A professional agency works on a custom campaign for every website to ensure more visibility and higher rankings on the search engine.

  •   Keyword Research – This is the heart of the process since they directly affect ranking and traffic to a website. It is an ongoing process where new keywords need to be targeted based on search trends. A professional SEO team would unearth your campaign’s most potent keywords and key phrases. They also focus on Local SEO and focus on keywords that boost local search results.
  •   Metadata – The information at the site’s backend is known as Metadata and defines the data on the pages. Metadata attracts search engine bots and is critical to your campaign’s success. It needs to be optimized for your website to rank high on the search engines.
  •   Content Marketing – In SEO, Content is King, and it is what your users search for. An SEO company would create unique content that is valuable for the user. They employ various content marketing strategies to improve your site’s ranking, from web copies to blogs and infographics.
  •   Mobile Optimization – Most of your traffic would come from mobile devices, thanks to the fast adoption of smartphones. Your SEO agency shall optimize the website for mobile devices to create a positive user experience.
  •   Site Performance – Slow-loading websites hurt user experience and your SEO score. Optimizers use their experience to zero in on issues behind slow page load and fix them.
  •   Linking – Links are essential for your website’s success. Quality backlinks can build your website’s authority and trust factor among users. Your SEO company shall improve your website’s linking strategy, improving the time spent on the website and reducing bounce rates.

Ongoing Campaign       

SEO isn’t a one-time marketing campaign but an ongoing process. It may take months of effort for an SEO company to help your website improve its rank and visibility on the search engine. At every stage of the campaign, your SEO partner shall share reports with measurable KPIs to help you analyze the progress of your campaign. These reports shall include data on keywords attracting traffic, time spent on the website, bounce rates, clickthrough rates, etc.

To leverage Search Engine Optimization, you must prepare for the long haul. Achieving higher ranks and visibility is the easier part of the job; the challenge is to retain it. Your competitors would try to dislodge you from the top rankings on the SERP. Hence, you need to invest in content marketing, keyword research, and other SEO basics to stay ahead of your competitors.  

Get a Passionate Team Onboard  

By now, you know what an SEO company does. SEO is a specialized job and is left best to the experts. It is time to get a professional SEO agency onboard to improve your website’s visibility and deliver your message to prospective customers. If you are looking for an SEO agency to ideate, implement and monitor a successful campaign at Cyrusson Inc., we’d be proud to partner with your campaign.

We are a full-stack digital marketing agency specializing in Search Engine Optimization for small and medium businesses. Call us today (415-228-9969) to gain visibility and use it to gain a competitive edge. Let us be a partner in your success and improve your online presence.  

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