What Happens When I Stop An SEO Campaign?

Jan 11, 2021 | SEO, All, Digital Marketing

Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to gain traffic and boost your sales. Regardless of your business’s industry, you can get a positive outcome with a well-design SEO campaign. SEO is a slow process that takes time to produce results. Many people decide to stop an SEO campaign before getting the fruit just because of their impatience.

Stopping an SEO campaign is a bad idea. It affects your internet marketing and reduces your sales. Search engines are continuously updating their algorithms. To keep your business moving in a positive direction, you have to fuel its engine.

If you are deciding to stop your SEO campaign, you have to come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the things to expect when you stop an SEO campaign. Before we discuss that, let’s understand why it is important to optimize your website for search engines.

Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is vital for any website. The purpose of website creation is to bring traffic and spread your word. Ultimately, it helps in generating more sales and expanding your business.

With SEO, you can attract an audience that has a genuine interest in your product or services. They are trying to find information on the internet and you can bring them to your website. If you can provide them with the right solution, there is no reason why they don’t get your product or service.

Moreover, it is the least expensive way to bring genuine people to your website. Other methods that include paid marketing bring you a lot of traffic but you are never sure they have an interest in the niche or not. On the other hand, search engine traffic is already looking for a solution. If you can give them a solution, they will buy it and spread the word as well.

All you need to do is to design an effective SEO campaign that helps in ranking for the right set of keywords. It is important to choose keywords intelligently to attract a genuine audience. If you don’t know how to do it, you can hire the services of a digital marketing company. They have professionals who know what are the best keywords and how to rank them easily.

Things to Expect After Stopping an SEO Campaign

When it comes to an SEO campaign, it takes a long time to meet your goals. You have to work on your website and off the website to improve your rankings. However, when you decide to stop your SEO campaign, remember that you will lose all the results in some time. It is next to impossible to maintain your rankings and traffic after stopping the SEO campaign.

As soon as you stop the campaign, you start noticing negative effects starting from low rankings to reduced traffic. Ultimately, it leads to less business and low income. Let’s take a look in detail about what happens after you stop an SEO campaign.

Low Rankings

The first thing to expect after you stop your SEO campaign is a drop in your search engine rankings. When you are running an SEO campaign, you target a few keywords and your website started ranking on those keywords. However, these are some other keywords that automatically rank due to your SEO effort and you may never know about them. You start losing your rankings on these keywords.

As you are not building new content and putting off-page efforts, you will start losing rankings of your targeted keywords. Remember other website owners are also doing SEO efforts and waiting for you to quit. As soon as you quit, they will outcompete you and grab your positions in search engines.

Drop in Traffic

Once you start losing your rankings, you will notice a clear difference in your website traffic. At the start, you will only lose traffic coming from search engines. However, people will start forgetting your website after a while. Since you are not producing new content, people will not appreciate you anymore.

Unfortunately, the internet audience only prefers websites that offer the latest content on a daily basis. As soon as you quit adding new content, they will stop coming to your website. You may get some organic traffic for a while but it will keep dropping.

Fewer Natural Backlinks

SEO campaign involves creating backlinks and sharing your blogs on various platforms. However, it promotes the creation of natural backlinks, which improves your rankings. For instance, you create new blogs and pages to optimize your website. You share these pages on social media websites and people share them too giving you natural backlinks. When you stop an SEO campaign, you are most likely to stop creating new content.

Similarly, there are many ways through which you get natural backlinks during an SEO campaign. When you quit your campaign, you reduce the chances of getting these backlinks. Fewer natural backlinks result in bad SEO scores and you lose your reputation on the internet.

Why You Should Never Quit an SEO Campaign?

Quitting an SEO campaign is always a bad idea. Unless you are going out of business, there is no reason why you should quit your SEO efforts. With minimum SEO efforts, you gain a lot of traffic resulting in more sales. When you quit an SEO campaign, you drop the chances of expanding your business. In fact, you start losing your current position.

If you can’t manage your SEO campaign, you can always outsource it. There are thousands of digital marketing companies that can manage your campaign efficiently. Cyrusson is one of the best digital marketing companies which can take care of your SEO.


Similar to any other business, you have competition in search engine optimization. There are thousands of business owners targeting the same keywords. They are trying their best to bring you down and take your position. When you stop an SEO campaign, you are making it easy for them. It wouldn’t take long before they will outrun you and take your position.

Many website owners dream to get your rankings and you are just throwing them away? Unless you want your competition to win against you, there is no reason to quit the SEO campaign.

Google Algorithm

Just like any other tech giant, Google updates its algorithm every day. If you have installed some social media applications, you probably get a notification for new updates after every few days. Similar search engines update their algorithms frequently. It is believed that Google updates its algorithm almost every day.

Of course, these updates are coming without any prior notice. You only hear about a few big updates that come a few times in a year. They make a huge difference but it doesn’t mean that you can ignore routine updates. You need consistent efforts to maintain your search engine rankings.

Search engine optimization changes with every passing day and you must remain updated to secure your rankings.


Without any argument, there is no reason why you should quit your SEO campaign. You have every reason to increase your SEO efforts and grab more positions. With more positions, you can enhance your business and take it to a whole another level.

If you find it hard to run with the competition, you can outsource your SEO work to a digital marketing agency. Cyrusson is one of the leading digital marketing companies that know how to manage your website contact Cyrusson if you would like to a consultation on our SEO Campaigns.

Hiring a professional SEO Agency has more benefits than you can imagine. They stay updated with the latest happenings in the search engine world. Moreover, they study new SEO practices and know the most working plans. So, it will be a great decision to outsource your SEO efforts rather than quitting them.

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