What Is Email Marketing?

Jan 9, 2020 | Digital Marketing, All

With digital marketing made so easy with the introduction of various social media platforms, some businesses might think the time and effort given behind email marketing is not worth it. However, often times, these are the people who are mistaking the true meaning behind email marketing.

Email marketing is more than sending them a list of your recent blog posts. Rather, it is providing people with the right set of relevant information.

Having said that, email marketing should be handled responsibly. Just because you have permission from customers to contact them via email, doesn’t mean you send 3 emails a day, every day. The way you handle email marketing might just set you apart from your competitors.

Why Are Email Campaigns Important?

Unbeknownst to a lot of people, Email campaigns generate the most return on investment. Why? Everyone, even including the most anti-tech people, have at least one email address.

Email marketing helps you create a direct line of contact between you and your customers. Not only that, but it also allows you to easily and effectively reach out to potential customers – people who haven’t yet purchased any of your product.

But the reasons behind why you should adopt email marketing for your business doesn’t end there:

  1. Generating and nurturing the leads you have gathered
  2. A great opportunity to up-sell and cross-sell your customers as well
  3. Regardless of where we are and what we are doing, we always have our phones to check up on emails. Hence, making your emails mobile-friendly is important as it’ll allow readers to actually view your emails and take proper actions.
  4. Emails are a great way to keep your customers well informed and updated.
  5. You can segment your emails in order to reach the right customers with the right information. Remember to send customized and personalized emails. This shows your customers that you care.
  6. Emails are a great way to offer promotions to your customers. This increases sales and customers love getting coupon codes that are meant specifically for them.
  7. It is no secret that we all lead busy lives and often a lot of things slip our minds. Emails will help remind them that your business still exists and that they were interested in purchasing your products.

Create a good email marketing strategy

As already established above, emails are here to stay and one of the key elements that will generate success for your business is a proper email strategy.

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