What is Online Marketing? How Does It Work?

Sep 12, 2019 | Digital Marketing, All

Long gone are the days for traditional marketing, with the internet being such a huge part of our everyday lives, it only makes sense to incorporate marketing in some way that will reach us in a form that we are most addicted to – Enter Online marketing.

Marketing has always been one of the most essential factors that attract success to any business. It has always been about reaching the right people with the right product at the right time. Contrary to what most people think, digital/online marketing isn’t just ads on websites and promotional emails that spam your inbox. It encompasses a wide range of media and its components that allow businesses and consumers to connect.


Here are a few ways to establish your business’ online presence and incorporate digital marketing:

 Social Media Marketing (SMM):

One of the biggest trends that the internet has brought today is social media. Social Media have allowed businesses a platform through which they can easily communicate with both existing and potential consumers. Apart from communicating, SMM is a great way to establish your brand. Depending on the type of business you have and the audience you are trying to reach, you should have at least one or two of the following social media accounts: Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Website Presentation:

Other than social media accounts, businesses should have their own designated website. To some extent, a website acts as a portfolio for that business or brand. It also allows consumers to get a quick glimpse of what the brand is actually about. When you build your website, it is important to keep in mind to create a user-friendly design and incorporate mobile-friendliness.

Everyone has at least one or two hand-held devices on them at all times. You need to ensure that when they are visiting your website on their phones, they can easily navigate through it and  acquire whatever info they are looking for.


It is very likely that you are not the first business to operate in that industry. To win against your competitors, you must get acquainted with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is knowing which keywords are most popular amongst your consumers.

Incorporating SEO strategies will help you get ranked higher in their search results and potentially landing you on the first page of the search results. SEO is a part of Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Both strategies help you gain visibility on the internet. The difference between the two lies in SEM incorporating paid promotion of your websites.

Content Marketing:

So you have your online presence established through your website and social media accounts, but it doesn’t end there. Without quality content, your social media and website are just an empty shell. Your audience needs to engage and interact with you, and they cannot do that with an empty shell.

Other than being original and true to your brand, your content needs to be relevant to your audience. If they can’t relate, they can’t interact. Without interaction, your business won’t grow.

Email Marketing:

This is an oldie but goodie kind of situation. Very cost effective and versatile, email marketing can be used by businesses of all types and sizes. Your emails need to be an attention grabber, concise but get the point across, and most importantly persuasive.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC):

As the name suggests, these are ads for which you pay for every single time someone clicks on the link. Some of the more common PPC marketing platforms are Google Ads, Facebook, and Twitter Ad campaigns.

Online MarketingWHERE TO START?

It all might seem a bit daunting. It’s definitely a lot to take in that’s for sure. But that’s what Cyrusson Inc – a digital marketing agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area – is here for. Our team consists of online marketing experts and only care for providing you the tools to help step up your marketing game.

When done right, digital marketing can make a significant contribution to the growth of your business. Don’t miss out on this opportunity, and contact us today!

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