What Is The Google Guarantee?

Jul 5, 2021 | All, Business Listings Management, Digital Ads, Digital Marketing

Summary: Google Guarantee helps local service providers authenticate their services and generate leads far more effectively. It also safeguards searchers from misleading service providers.

Google has served as a life-saver for decades now. The search engine has been a boon for businesses and searchers alike. If it has helped businesses expand their reach than it has also helped users identify genuine service providers, products, information and more. On one hand Google has helped business transcend boundaries and operate offshore in more ways than one but it has also helped local businesses use the power of the Internet to reach their neighborhood customers in a far more efficient manner. Getting a business listed on Google Business and eventually getting a Google Guarantee has today become a mark of a respected, trusted locally owned business.

What is the Google Guarantee?

While searching for a plumber near you, have you come across a green check on one or two of the listings? That’s the sign of a Google Guarantee. Using this small little check, businesses can tell their potential customers that they are genuine service providers in the area and that their business operations have been verified by none other than Google. But that’s not all. Google Guarantee is also a protection for customers who if unsatisfied with a certain service can reclaim the payment from Google which they made upon producing the invoice with a lifetime cap of $2000.

Businesses must verify themselves under Google My Business to benefit from the Guarantee scheme. Moreover Google Guarantee is only applicable to businesses that use AdWords for their advertising. But that’s not all. Businesses must pass through Google’s stringent quality standards to get the Guarantee branding. Only when your business meets the quality requirements will you get the Official Guarantee Badge.

How Does It Helps Businesses?         

The green colored badge with a white checkmark helps create confidence among searchers on Google. Businesses, especially those with a local physical storefront, looking for ways to improve their online visibility can make use of the Google Guaranteed tag to establish their authenticity.

It must be understood that a local listing on Google is no longer a big deal. Your business can organically get one without you making any effort. However that is not enough. You must improve your SEO, work on other digital marketing strategies to become a top-ranked, highly favored business in your neighborhood.  

There are other benefits of Google Guarantee for businesses, such as –

  •   It helps businesses with online lead generation – much more organically,
  •   Helps businesses get listed on the top of Search Engine Results Page (SERP) thanks to the local service ads (LSA),
  •   Businesses have the opportunity to easily win the trust of the audience.

If a customer submits a claim, Google however gets in touch with the business to hear their point of view too. The business is also given the chance to resolve the issue directly with the customer. Google conducts an investigation solely on its own discretionary powers and will decide the next course of action.

How It Benefits Searchers?      

Google Guarantee has been developed keeping in mind not just business owners but also Google searchers – the ultimate consumers of products and services. The Green Badge encourages searchers to click on a business link that is relevant to their search and choose the service provider because there is the Google Guarantee. It is this guarantee that ensures customers that if they are unsatisfied with the service provided to them, Google will reimburse the invoice amount with a lifetime cap of $2000.

Is It Available for All Businesses?         

The Google Guarantee is not available to every business listed under Google My Business. In fact it is not available in all countries and is being Beta Tested.  Currently it is available in US, Canada and few European countries. The industries which can enjoy the Google Guarantee include – air duct cleaning, auto glass/ windshield repair, appliance repair, carpet cleaning, locksmith, car cleaning, moving services, electrician, pest control, and similar other services.

How We Help Businesses Get The Google Guarantee   

The first step towards getting the Google Green Badge is to get your business listed on the My Business platform. You must also have an effective SEO strategy along with PPC marketing. You must use Google AdWords to enjoy the benefits of Google Guarantee. Can all businesses do all the hard work alone? Probably not. That’s where we at Cyrusson Inc. come into the picture. Our Listing Management services ensures that your business is accurately listed on the search engine. Not only this, we also ensure that every misleading or inaccurate information about your business is corrected before Google raises a flag. Cyrusson also has in place an efficient Listings Management Reporting System that is continuously updated. If you want the Google Guarantee to expand and authenticate your business operations, get in touch with us today.

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