What Kind of Marketing Strategy Do You Prefer and Why? [Video]

Jul 31, 2021 | All, Business Listings Management, Digital Marketing, SEO, Video

In this week’s episode of #ADA: You’ll discover Our very own Darryl Navarrete‘s preference when it comes to marketing strategy in helping 7-8 figure businesses.

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Video Transcript:

Darryl Navarrete (00:00):

Hey, what’s up everyone. This is Daryl. And today we’re back with another episode of ADA Astro, anything where I answer your most burning questions, give you tips about marketing and life in general. Please be sure to like, and follow us at CyrusOne for more marketing content, that’ll help you skyrocket your business.

Darryl Navarrete (00:27):

What kind of marketing strategy do you prefer and why? Now? Since I do work with mostly various local businesses, our marketing strategy differs depending on the results the client wants and what resources they have available. Always look at our customer’s best interests. So this is why we usually package our solutions in three different models. One is DIY, but with me and do it for me. So DIY do it yourself. Basically. It’s when you know what you want for your business, you know how to interact with them. You have a general idea of how to market yourself. What we do is we provide you the tools and training to do the marketing on your own. Do it with me. This is a service where we take over most of the work. You do, some of it, you know, from there, make sure that you’re not occupied on the stuff that maybe you don’t get.

Darryl Navarrete (01:13):

So maybe like SEL will take care of that. But social media posting you’ll take care of that. That’s how they do it with me. Kind of works. Now do it for me. If you’re busy, we do the work for you. It’s all hands off. We learn about your business and we learn how to speak for your brand and market it correctly. But technically speaking, um, I like paid ads or pay-per-click because it’s the fastest way to get customers. SEO is great, you know, organic marketing results, but it takes time for people to start ranking and seeing that traffic coming in. So I usually like to use SEO with Google ads because there’s like an opportunity gap, right? So with Google ads, you’re immediately appearing in searches. Worst is SEO slowly. You’re gradually getting up, picks a few months to get into those rankings. So in that time you’re still appearing in these searches because of the Google ads. And so that helps you hand in hand by using SEO with Google ads to obtain greater results in outcomes. So if you want to get more tips, make sure to follow. And if you have any questions, please drop them below. Or you can also book a call for a free consultation. I’m happy to help you create a strategy to your business with it’s marketing system. See you, my next one.


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