What Makes A Good Law Firm Website?

Jul 12, 2022 | All, Digital Marketing, Law Firm Marketing, Marketing, Website Development

A high-quality website should meet your law firm’s needs as a multi-faceted business tool. It needs to be one of your best sources for new leads and phone calls, automate appointment booking, enable clients to pay invoices online and automate the review and testimonial acquisition process.

What makes a good website? 

Good design and well-written content are necessary, of course. But more than that, a website as a whole can deliver you the result you want.

A good website can represent your firm very well by putting across the right image. Also, a website lets visitors know what you offer, and makes potential clients sure that you are the right firm to choose. It encourages them to reach out to you  and finally they turn into sales conversion.

Visual Design

The visual design of your website supports the image you are creating. Leading elements such as colors, typefaces and visual style should tie in with your other marketing materials such as brochures.

Show Your Case Results

Your law firm’s reviews and results should have a place on your website. This will support establishing trust and credibility with prospective clients browsing your site and make their decision to contact you easier.

Website SEO

An expert website designer should ensure that web pages follow best practice in terms of search engine optimization (SEO), so more traffic will be attracted to your website. A good website will also avoid silly mistakes, such as broken links (that not only irritate visitors but also damage your SEO).

Fix Practical Issues

Poor technical performance can completely undermine your website. Decent websites are secure (with an https URL, not http) and use ‘responsive’ design to ensure that they display well on all devices and browsers, including smartphones and tablets.

Publish Relevant And Helpful Content

Your site’s content can serve a wide range of purposes and help support different goals. First, there are some basics to cover:

  • Home
  • About
  • Attorney Bio(s)
  • Practice Areas & Services
  • Contact Page

Highlight Your Specialization

Highlighting your core speciality or fields is best to make it very clear to your website visitors exactly what you do and whom you help. Answer the question clients want to know as quickly as possible. 

If not, you may run the risk of them clicking the back button and hiring another lawyer because your website didn’t clearly convey to them that you were the right attorney for the job.

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