What Results Can I Expect From SEO?

Mar 21, 2022 | All, Digital Marketing, Marketing, SEO

What Results Can I Expect From SEO?

This article focuses on SEO and the kind of results to expect from search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is a great way to improve your website’s visibility, traffic, and consequently, your revenue. When a website is properly optimized, it becomes easy for search engines to rank you which then leads you to your target audience.

By now, you must have read multiple claims about how SEO can change the face of your digital marketing campaign, of how it can transform your digital presence and easily bring you more customers. You may have been approached by many digital marketing agencies promising you the sky. Some may have claimed to give you instant recognition on search engine ranking pages, some might have promised an immediate boost in traffic, while some would assure you immediate revenue. But be wary of such tall claims. They may be made by scrupulous marketers who aren’t showing you the real picture.

So, what results to expect from SEO? It’s important to set realistic goals that can be achieved over a period. Defining goals will help both you and your SEO team stay focused. It will also keep unrealistic claims at bay. Since SEO is a long-term investment (you won’t see results before 6-12 months), patience and perseverance play an important role too.

What Will Determine the Success of Your SEO?

Results from SEO vary from project to project. While it is difficult to say what you can expect from SEO, your success will be determined by the following factors.

  • Whether your website is already search engine friendly,
  • The competitiveness of your industry and target locations,
  • How do you plan to improve optimization in the future?

Let’s understand them precisely.

How Much Work Has Been Done?

If you are starting with a black canvas and have done little to nothing for your website’s SEO, it can be easier to fulfill your goals with lesser efforts. When you start afresh, you can define new goals, set new targets, and approach SEO from a fresh angle.

However, if there has been some basic on-site SEO done previously, your current job would be to improve on that optimization. This might mean you have to put in more effort and time to improve on what’s already been done. From publishing high-quality content (on a schedule) to improving backlinking and guest posting opportunities – you may have to work double-time to get better results.

How Well Is Your Industry Represented Online?

To rank favorable on search engines, you need to ace the keyword game. To do so, you must understand and analyze your competition. What are the keywords currently ranking high in your industry? Who are your competitors on these keywords?

It takes time to top the SERP, especially, of a highly competitive keyword. The amount of time you will need to spend on keyword optimization will thus depend on how your competitors are performing.

The best way to know how your competitors are faring is to simply search a relevant keyword on Google and check for –

  • The top-ranking sites,
  • When were these sites published,
  • How often do they publish new content?
  • How active are they on social media?

There are, of course, other SEO factors that you won’t know simply by looking at a competitor’s website. But by analyzing their website you can estimate how much effort they are putting into their SEO. This will help you set a benchmark for yourself.

What Is Your Optimization Strategy?

Though it’s important to understand how your competitors are strategizing, at the end of the day, what really matters is your strategy. Your SEO strategy will decide how quickly you will see results.

Primarily, there are two to three pillars of SEO. They are –

  • On-page optimization, which are changes made to your site to align with target keyword phrases
  • Off-page optimization, such as links from other websites that point back to your website (back-linking).
  • The quality and frequency of content published on your site,

Content, on-page & off-page optimization are the three pillars and unless your strategy takes them into consideration, your SEO campaign will most likely not be successful.

Know When Digital Marketing Agencies Are Setting Unrealistic Goals  

Goals define purpose, they give you direction. Though it’s important to define your goals, it’s equally important to know when they are unrealistic. You will come across digital marketing agencies that will try to lure you with unrealistic claims in an attempt to redefine your goals. Be wary of them.

In SEO, it is often difficult to underline what you can achieve and what you cannot. The results vary so vastly that there is simply no standard to be followed. Therefore, some agencies attempt to paint an unrealistic picture in front of you.

If an agency is “promising” you the number one spot, understand that there is simply no guarantee. You can aim to achieve the top spot with selected keywords, but no one can assure you that spot permanently for all keywords. Even Google warns people of this – No one can guarantee a #1 ranking on Google. Beware of SEOs that claim to guarantee rankings, allege a “special relationship” with Google, or advertise a “priority submit” to Google.”

You must always be careful of working with an agency that promises “immediate” results. As we mentioned earlier, SEO is a long-term investment. It will take you a few months to see any results. No agency can do anything otherwise. If they do assure you immediate results, they are probably using scrupulous methods that will harm you in the long run. They are likely to use tricks (such as automated link building) that will negatively impact your site. Generally, if an agency is claiming to do the “impossible”, stay away from them.


Your SEO expectations must be practical and achievable. SEO is more about hits-and-misses than hitting the bull’s eye in one go. The best way to approach SEO is to acknowledge the challenges and overcome them with improved strategies. Team up with an agency that doesn’t promise you the moon but assures you strategic improvement over a period of time.

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