What Should Business Owners Do To Help With Their Rankings? [Video]

Jul 22, 2021 | All, Business Listings Management, Digital Marketing, SEO, Video

On Today’s Episode of #ADA– Our very own Darryl Navarrete was asked by Christine del Castillo: “What should business owners do to help with their rankings?”

Briefly, Darryl’s answer is: the easiest way for busy business owners to rank their website is for them to claim their Google My Business! That’s the easiest way for busy business owners to rank their website. Rank your website so you go first when potential buyers search online! Be on top of the game so you’ll be the first business they’ll contact!

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Video Transcript:


Hey, this is Daryl, your bilingual marketing guy based in San Francisco. And today we’re doing our very first episode of ADA, ask Daryl anything where we answer your most burning questions. And I give you tips about marketing and life in general, please be sure to like, and follow us at cyber sequel, Mormon


As a business owner, there are just a lot of things that you have on your plate. So I don’t recommend busy people getting into things they’re not really into, or that they fully understand. But if there’s one thing I would recommend business owners to do is to get their website rankings up that way they get more traffic, either in store or online. One of the easiest ways to do that is claiming and optimizing your Google, my business listing profile, claiming your Google. My business has never been easier. You just have to go to google.com/business. You sign in using your existing Gmail account and you create your business profile. After filling out that form, you’ll be asked to provide an address where you want to receive a verification quote. They’ll send it either by mail and that way you can claim and verify that you are the owner of this business, and you have a physical location.


It’s that easy when you do Google my business and you submit your business information, you’re much more likely to get people to come to your store or find your line in your local area. Now, so rank on Google. Uh, one of the important factors is making sure that your address phone number website are all consistent across the web. Like all presence online, your website, different listings, such as Yelp, Google my business, TripAdvisor, all of them. You want them all consistent and similar, like the same and last but not least, get you reviews from your customers. Send requests via email, text, uh, point them in direction to your GMV. The more reviews you get, the more you’ll rank up. And the more people are likely to show up and contact you. Uh, Google only wants to refer people to businesses that are reputable. How do they determine if you’re reputable?


If you have good reviews on Google, simple as that more people will show up, the more people will see your reviews. If you decide to do business with you, you know, in the long run, the more customers you get. And that’s what business owners I think need to do first, if they want to rank online, I want to get more traffic, more customers for your local area or from your local area. So if you want to get more tips, make sure to follow. And if you have any questions, please drop them in the comments below. And you can also book a free consultation with me. I’ll be more than happy to help you create a strategy to market your business. And we can go from there. See you in the next video. Bye.

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