What You Need To Know About Rising SEO Trends

Jun 16, 2021 | All, Digital Marketing, SEO

The fast-paced environment of the digital world is continually changing. This is something you know once you dive into building an online business. Having a website for your brand is all about reaching out to potential customers through visibility and online presence. And, when it comes to gaining visibility online, you have to be knowledgeable of SEO and its benefits.

In a nutshell, SEO puts you ahead in gaining views and earning more clicks. With proper optimization and marketing, you can attract potential customers and increase sales. Now, in doing so, you also need to focus on improving the online presence of your website by keeping track and focusing on trends.

To give you an idea of what to watch out for, we’ve compiled some of the rising SEO trends you must watch out for today.

Defining What “Local” Means

Almost half of Google searches today include “near me” inquiries, which gives businesses an upper hand in building relationships with customers residing in a certain radius. So it’s important to note that, for online businesses, it’s crucial to gain traction when it comes to local customers! This reveals that proximity matters to customers, too. The nearer you are to your target audience, the higher the chances that they follow through with a purchase. For customers, we always want something that delivers service fast.

Google has created a 3-Pack system that allows them to narrow down the best options for its users. The 3-Pack tells you the what, the where, and the best. So when it comes to posting information on your website, you must enter exact information while using SEO keywords!

Getting Ahead

Nowadays, a successful business relies heavily on its online visibility. We’re not just talking about social media, but we’re also talking about showing up on top of Google search results.

Make an impact and stay on top of things by focusing on these trends: 

1 – The Google My Business Listing

Your company’s GMB not only accounts for 14% of your local ranking power but also gives you control over claiming free leads. So if you’re looking for an accessible growth opportunity, this is it!

2 – Optimize Everything

There’s always room for improvement. First, optimize everything from customer reviews, content creation, SEO, and your company’s GMB, among many others. Then, explore what you can do!

There are tons of components on your website that you can utilize to increase your online presence.

3 – Require NAP Consistency

The saying “support local” is not merely a trend. Potential buyers are more likely to support your business if you follow a consistent NAP: Name, Address, and Phone number. With this, you easily pave the way for loyal and returning customers.

Additionally, if your business has multiple branches, take note of compiling them all in a single part of your website. Finally, create multiple location-specific links that will allow Google to display your website during a search! This could do wonders for your rankings online as it improves user experience.

4 – Make Way for Voice Search

Voice Search is an advanced technology that can mimic how human beings interact through verbal communication. When you optimize this for your website, you can target keywords usually used for local queries through speech. In addition, this method allows you to be more accessible by avoiding complicated jargon. 


Perhaps diving into the digital sphere isn’t as tricky as it looks! It may be intimidating to stay on-trend, but with the right web development company by your side, you’re sure to configure a system that works for your business.

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