Why Can’t I find my Google Ads in Search?

Apr 26, 2023 | All, Digital Ads, Digital Marketing, Marketing

Google Ads not showing is common, and you don’t see your Google search ads for several reasons. This blog examines why you can’t find your Google Ads.

“I can’t find my Google Ads,” at Cyrusson, we hear this often from new clients who set up their own Google ads campaign. When running Google Search Ads, you expect to see your ads when you search for your chosen keywords and key phrases. However, several factors determine the visibility of ads. If you see Google ads not showing, it is quite common. Let’s look at some of the reasons why you can’t find your Google Ads.

1 – Your Google Ads Budget May Be Too Low

Before you go bonkers and yell at your marketing team, “I can’t find my Google Ads,” a low budget is possibly the first reason. It happens when you are targetting frequently searched keywords and various geographic locations. Your daily budget may have been exhausted, and your Google shows your competitors’ ads.

For instance, if users search for a key-phrase 20,000 times and your ad has a click-through rate of 4%, that would make it 800 clicks per day. However, if the cost per click is $1 and you have set a daily budget of $50, the probability of your ad showing up in your search is  6.25%!

2 – You Don’t Meet The Target Audience Specification

One of the primary reasons behind  Google Ads not showing in your search results is the target market selection. When you are setting up your Google ads, you need to customize the target parameters, which include:

  • Geographical regions
  • Time of the day
  • Interests and habits of the audience

You are unlikely to see your ads in the search results if you are in a location other than your target market or during the wrong time of the day. However, even if you don’t target a specific geography or specify a time of the day, you may not be able to see your ads. Google’s Machine Learning driven bidding system may not consider you a high-intent audience (one likely to convert) and hence doesn’t display the ad! You don’t need to worry about this as long as your target audience sees the ad.

3 – Your Google Ad’s Quality Score Is Low           

While ads are a major source of revenue for Google, its primary focus is improving its users’ search experience. Google assigns quality scores to ads based on their relevance, value to the user, and meeting the specific needs of the users. Generic ads tend to rank low on quality scores. For example, “best restaurant in New York” is a generic key phrase, while “best Italian restaurant in New York” would match the user’s search intent. Improve your ad copy, landing page, and choice of key phrases to increase the quality score.

4 –  You Are Searching Too Often 

If you repeatedly search for the same keyphrase (to test) and do not click on the ad, Google will unlikely show it. Google considers “your ad” irrelevant to “you” since you aren’t clicking on it! It can result in the ad showing up less frequently to other users as your ad’s quality score decreases. It would help if you avoided this habit at all costs.

5 – Your Google Ads Are Pending Approval        

Google has strict advertising policies, and all ads go through quality checks. It takes about one business day for the ads to be approved. If you aren’t finding your advertising on Google search Ads, your ad may be pending approval. To check the status of your ads, sign into our Google Ads account and look for notifications on pending approval or disapproved ads.

Tips To Increase the Visibility of Your Ads

We have already discussed why you find Google Ads not showing during your search. Let’s turn it around from “Why I can’t find my Google Ads” to “How can I increase the visibility of my ads?” — Here are some of the steps you can take:

  • Increase your budget and your bids based on the competition
  • Avoid manual bidding, as it isn’t advisable in 2023
  • Optimize your ad copy to improve the quality score
  • Try negative keywords, as they reduce irrelevant searches
  • Use Google Ads’ diagnosis tool to identify issues and fix them
  • Hire a professional Google Ads agency

If you are looking for a professional Google Ads agency that can deliver results on your campaign, Cyrusson would be a perfect choice. With years of experience creating and managing successful ad campaigns on Google, our team helps you reach your target audience and drive high-intent traffic to your website.

We run tailored Google Ads campaigns with automatic bidding management, ensuring maximum ROI for your ad spend. Contact us today to request a proposal for their Google ads campaign. Call us now at 415-228-9969 to schedule a free consultation!

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