Why Does Your Solar Company Need SEO?

Jul 5, 2022 | All, Digital Marketing, SEO

Google users search “solar company” thousands of times almost every day – which means people are looking for what your company offers. 

If you want to drive your valuable customers to your company online, SEO is the way to go. But there are a lot more benefits to SEO than just being found.

1. More website traffic

With proper SEO optimization , your solar company will be able to take one of the top spots in Google results pages. Also with that, you’ll see an increase in site traffic.This alone creates a huge effect of other positive benefits of SEO – traffic is just the start.

2. More customers

Once website traffic starts visiting your website, you will gradually start converting more customers too.When users search with a particular keyword in Google like “solar companies in [your city XYZ],” your site will show up in the results.

That means, when they click your site, you’ll give them exactly what they’re looking for. They will surely click around your site, read information, and potentially fill out a contact form to contact you – which eventually turns into conversion. 

3. More brand awareness

The more your website is visible online with SEO, the more brand awareness you will be able to build around SERP. This is because of its high ranking in Search Engine Result Pages and increased site visits.

How To Start An SEO Campaign For Solar Companies

We have already covered some of the multiple strategies included in an SEO campaign, so let’s talk about how to do each.

Step 1: Keyword Researching

Keyword research is one of the most important parts of your SEO campaign.To do keyword research, you can use a number of free tools including like Google Keyword Planner. These tools tell you the monthly search volume of keywords related to solar business, how much they cost per click, competition, questions including your keyword, and suggestions.

Step 2: Content Writing

After you’ve found the keywords for your audience, you can create content around those keywords. For example, some of your keywords could be “solar companies in [your state],” or “cost of home solar panels.” Then you can go for writing blog posts using that particular keyword/s .You should always keep your audience in mind while writing your content– not be Google focused at all.

Step 3: Clean HTML Structure

A website with proper clean code is another important part of SEO. Having clean code means that every part of your code is Search Engine Optimization oriented. Some crucial sections of website code include meta descriptions, title tags, and alt tags. All these elements render Google important information about your pages. Later on, Google can understand the positive signals and rank them better.

Step 4: Backlink profile

Backlinks are extremely important to SEO because they earn confidentiality from other high-authority sites. You should be looking for getting outbound links to your content if you want it to rank well in search engines. For example, if you put on external links in your blog post from any renowned and influential solar blogger, Google’s algorithm then finds you a trusted source in your industry. 

Step 5: Web design

Your site’s design directly impacts how users interact with it by making it an important part of your SEO strategy. Your site design should have a navigation bar and a sitemap that lets users find exactly what they want on your website. Google is all focused on user experience, and your site design is a part of their experience! 

 Need an SEO Campaign For Your Solar Company?

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