Why Mobile Marketing Is So Important?

Dec 6, 2020 | Digital Marketing, All, Marketing

Mobile marketing helps to effectively reach customers and develop a one-on-one relationship. Smartphones have penetrated deep into our lives today. In all probability, you are reading this article on your hand-held mobile device. And like you many others prefer to browse the Internet, shop online, read articles, play games and watch web series on their mobile phones. According to Statista, by the end of 2019 there were 3.2 billion smartphone users worldwide. This figure will only rise in the coming years.

Considering the impact of mobile phones on our daily lives, it is essential that marketers start paying attention to mobile marketing, if they already haven’t. Research indicates that an average person uses his smartphone for a little over three hours daily while heavy users can spend as much as 12 hours daily on their smartphones. Millennials are spending more time everyday texting on their phones. If these signs aren’t enough, just look around yourself. Everyone is checking messages, scrolling social media feeds, ‘window-shopping’ on online stores and watching endless hours of videos. Most aren’t even realizing that they are hooked to their phones!

What Mobile Marketing Means ?

Considering the penetration of smartphones, mobile marketing makes sense for businesses. This form of marketing can get you very close to customers. Essentially here you are texting customers about your products, providing them with link to your mobile site or redirecting them to your mobile app. In other words you are advertising your brand in a concise and targeted manner.

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How You Can Effectively Use Mobile Marketing

In the world of mobile marketing, the golden rule to remember is that your messages have to be personal. You must always remember that your customers are heavy smartphone users spending many hours daily on their phones. Sending them SMSs, creating a cross-channel marketing strategy will work to your benefit in the long run.

A cross-channel marketing strategy works most effectively. You invite customers to check all your projects, you send them links to your website or app. All this needs to be done in a strategic manner so that you not only generate revenue but also collect essential information and views.

Things you must remember which developing an effective mobile marketing strategy –

  • Since you want your customers to view your website on their hand-held devices, you must ensure that your website is well suited for the medium. Most importantly it must have a responsive design.
  • You should be sending SMS and MMS to your targeted audience regularly. It cannot be a one-time effort. Repeatedly sending same message, reminder messages about new product launches, offers, events etc. are important.
  • Additionally there should be a way for customers to opt out of the campaign if they so desire.

Testing, Measuring & Optimizing Mobile Marketing

How do you measure success of your marketing strategy? You must keep these three things in mind – test, measure and accordingly optimize. Ask yourself these questions before you start any mobile marketing campaign –

  • Why do I need a mobile marketing campaign?
  • What will my organization achieve?
  • Will we reach more customers?
  • Can we collect vital data that will help our overall marketing strategy?

Once you have clear objective, you must start testing them on your customers. Do you find answers to the above questions after sending Text Messages to your customers? Observe and learn. Identify your failures, rectify them and optimize your strategy accordingly. Your campaign will only be helpful if are able to improve your strategy over a period of time.

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