Why Your Social Media Posts Are Not Getting The Engagement You Want

Aug 6, 2021 | All, Digital Marketing, Social Media

So, you’ve been very diligent with your social media strategy – you regularly post, use hashtags and customize your content as much as possible. But why aren’t you getting more followers? And why aren’t your followers interacting with most of your posts? What could you be doing wrong?

If you find yourself asking these questions, you are not alone. So many business owners find themselves in the same situation, and like you, they are frustrated. One thing you should know is that even bigger brands experience this. Plateaus, even declines, can happen. But even if they are considered normal, it doesn’t mean you should ignore them.

Now, the question is, why aren’t you getting the engagement you are hoping for on social media? Cyrusson, your trusted digital marketing agency in San Francisco, gives you three answers:

Top 3 Reasons You Are Not Getting the Engagement You Thought You’d Get on Social Media

There are several reasons your social media efforts are not getting you the results you want. Here are the top three:

1 – You Are Not Specifically Asking for What You Want

Yes, it may be as simple as that. What many business owners and marketers fail to realize is that your audience does not know what you want. They aren’t mind-readers. They are, in fact, busy people with a lot to take care of in their daily lives. Unless you tell them what you want them to do after checking out your post, then you’re not doing everything for your online presence.

You see, users often take no more than five seconds to decide if they’re going to hit like or share a social media post or if they would simply keep scrolling. It could even be a shorter span if your audience is on Instagram.

How to Fix It: Always make sure there is a compelling CTA in every social media post you make. You can add a “poll” sticker on Instagram stories or add links to your blog post, YouTube video, or product page, for instance. If you simply want shares on Facebook, then, by all means, ask your followers to do so! You’ll be surprised how many of them will do it for you.

2 – You’re Not Focusing on Building Organic Following

Paid follower websites do help, but you should never discount the power of getting followers organically. Follower-building is an approach to communicating and interacting with individuals with the same interests and potential followers on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. However, not everyone is not doing it. If you’re too focused on your paid advertising, which is likely to get you fake accounts or bots that are not getting you sales in the future, you’re missing out on real opportunities.

How to Fix It: Allot time for organic follower building. You can do this by liking and interacting with posts made by your followers, fellow local businesses, and industry experts. You should also collaborate with other brands on some of your posts, as doing this can help you both double the exposure you’re getting. Consider holding contests and raffles to encourage more followers to engage with your content.

3 – You Are Not Doing Any Analysis

Can you recall the last time you tracked the performance of your social media posts or even determined which of your content got the most engagement from your audience? If you are not monitoring the performance of your content, you won’t be able to get the data that you need to improve your strategy. That would be like navigating the dark without a flashlight to guide you!

How to Fix It: Start by reviewing the content that you have put up in the last three months. Take note of the platforms they’re on, when you posted them, what hashtags were used, CTAs you used, whether or not there were images or videos, and whether they were promoted via paid advertising.

Then you should assess whether the posts that performed the best are ones that are entertaining, educational, controversial, or inspirational. Do the same thing for the next three months of post and compare the results you get. Based on what you find, you can make adjustments to the strategies you’re doing.


These are just three of the many reasons your social media posts are not delivering the results you want. Hopefully, the quick fixes that we shared will also help you get out of the slump you are currently in. Of course, there’s also the option to get a San Francisco SEO expert to help you!

Cyrusson is a reputable digital marketing agency in San Francisco that can help give your social media marketing efforts a boost. Contact our team today to find out how we can work on your online presence!

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