Your Business AND It’s Digital Presence

Jun 15, 2019 | Digital Marketing, All

In this day and age, digital presence for your business is a necessity by default. It’s a must if you want your business to go anywhere. Your digital presence is what people find online when they type in your business name on a search engine. Having a strong digital presence can also give you a huge edge, especially for a smaller business with limited resources

What your digital presence might include:

Why do you need a strong digital presence?

The internet has created an equal opportunity for any industry of any size and bridged the gap in between that was previously created by the size of businesses. Larger businesses had the advantage of having access to a greater amount of resources over smaller businesses. But that is no longer the case now.

How a strong online presence helps your business:

  • Easily found online and become accesible to consumer inquiries
  • Helps create a good first impression
  • Helps establish your brand
  • Ability to reach a larger audience
  • Can pose as a virtual office
  • More effective than traditional marketing

How to create a digital presence that will boost your business:

1. Your domain name should match your business
2. Your domain should be easy to remember, pronounce, and spell
3. If you have a new business, look up the name and if it is available, buy it before someone else does
4. Keep it simple and short, don’t complicate it with symbols and numbers

Tips to keep in mind for your website:

Confused about where to start?

We get it, creating a digital presence for your business may seem overwhelming at first and it is very natural that you may want some help. That is what we are here for. ‘Cyrusson Inc’ a digital marketing agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area – consists of a group of marketing professionals who want to see your business thrive and achieve the next level of success.

Our team of experts are here to provide you with what you are looking for and more. Starting from minor updates to your online presence or creating a completely brand new one, to boosting visibility and establishing your brand, there is nothing we can’t do. Why wait? Contact us today, we promise it’ll be worth it.

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