12 ​​Marketing Tips for Personal Injury Attorneys

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In this write-up, we look at some of the top marketing tips for personal injury attorneys. We also share the best marketing strategies for injury attorneys to adopt.

There are close to 50,000 personal injury lawyers in the United States. If you are one, you need to be marketing your services to stay ahead of other law firms. In the 21st century word of mouth marketing has its limitations which used to be the primary source of clientele in the past. One in three people begins their search for an attorney online. Even more research on the credentials of law firms and attorneys before hiring one to represent them.

As someone who has been exploring marketing for injury attorneys, you’d already know law firms are busy aggressively marketing their services on everyone’s screen. A generic search for personal injury attorneys shall throw up dozens of names. If you aren’t on the list, you are unlikely to be hired. Your law firm would see a diminishing client base and may fade away into oblivion.

However, marketing for personal injury attorneys isn’t a cakewalk. It is far more competitive than marketing in any other profession. If you thought bidding for a keyword on Google was easy, according to a recent study by HubSpot, the legal profession tops the list for the most expensive keywords. The CPC bid for certain keywords is already in four figures. This is out of budget for most small personal injury law firms.

If you wish to run a successful marketing campaign with a limited budget, read on…

The Secrets to Marketing for Injury Attorneys   

There is no escape from marketing for injury attorneys if you wish to attract new clients to your firm. That being sorted you must ensure your campaign is effective and helps you generate a regular stream of leads. The digital marketing landscape is constantly evolving and hence it requires you to target multiple channels and platforms to stay ahead of the pack. You must generate regular business and grow your reputation. Here are a few things you must focus on. 


Generate Client List with Paid Search Marketing  

Experts agree that marketing for personal injury attorneys often starts with paid search marketing. PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising should be one of your focus areas to market your expertise and grow your client list. There are several platforms for running paid search campaigns, but Google Ads pays maximum dividends thanks to its reach. A well-optimized PPC campaign can generate good leads and offer you a high return on investment.

Though some attorneys and small law firms stay away from PPC fearing the recurring costs, it is a costly mistake. Unlike other digital marketing strategies, PPC shows immediate results. You can generate a lead without days or even hours of running your campaign. By targeting personal injury keywords, creating a captivating ad copy, and geo-targeting, you can drive highly qualified leads to your landing page.

To attract leads you need to focus on the quality of your campaign. As we have already mentioned personal injury law is a competitive territory and your campaign must stand out. One of the smartest ways of doing it is by improving your Quality Score which lets you lower your CPC (cost per click) and enjoy high ad ranks. Apart from Google Ads, you can also target Microsoft Bing Ads for better targeting.

Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

Is your law firm’s website mobile-friendly? If the answer is no, you are losing out on potential clients and might be seeing low engagement and lead generation on your website. Just take note of your browsing activity for a day and you will notice how often you search for information on your smartphone. Mobile internet users outnumber desktop users. Hence, your website needs to be mobile-friendly.

Potential clients are likely to search for personal injury lawyers from hospital beds, accident sites, or when their movement has been restricted. Smartphones would be their go-to device in such cases. This is where your website needs to be mobile responsive.  This is also an important ranking factor as per Google’s latest algorithm. Thus, if your website isn’t mobile friendly you need to tweak it.

Turn Attention to Website Conversion         

Your website is the most important tool in your marketing campaign. A well-designed website is a prerequisite when one is planning marketing for injury attorneys. Whether you run an online or offline campaign, people interested in hiring you or using your service would visit your website. It must be optimized to convert traffic into paying clients. Many law firm websites do not convert visitors into customers.

If you are seeing a low conversion rate it is time for conversion rate optimization. Adding call-to-action elements on the page or displaying your phone number prominently are simple things that can lead to higher conversion. For instance, clients looking for personal law injury advice have several questions in their minds. By displaying your phone number and promising free consultation you offer them a means to resolve their doubts.

You can try embedding the CTA element in the middle of the page or using forms on one side of the window or make it scroll as the user scrolls through the page. However, don’t overplay with CTA such as multiple pop-ups and animations on the website as this makes you appear unprofessional.

Buy Leads for Your Firm 

Yes, you read it right, you can buy leads for your injury law firm. Google and other internet platforms are promoting what is known as PPL (pay per lead). It is like PPC with the only difference being you don’t need to pay whenever someone clicks on the link. In this model, you pay only when you have a qualified lead. Such programs work many ways – either you buy leads from platforms such as Nolo that generate hundreds of leads every day or pay only when a person fills up a form on your website.

It is important to be creative with this marketing strategy as your staff would have to contact each of these leads individually. Some lead generation websites sell the same data to multiple law firms, and this can affect the conversion rate. Hence, when you opt for this marketing strategy you must always focus on quality and exclusivity. Know how these leads are being collected, their freshness, and whether you have exclusive rights over them.

Leverage Search Engine Optimization

Be it marketing for personal injury attorneys or any other profession, Search Engine Optimization is at the heart of it. It is the most cost-effective marketing technique for generating leads for your injury law website. SEO takes time to show results compared to other digital marketing strategies, but it pays dividends for a long time. Not only does it increase traffic to your website but more importantly it increases brand recognition.

Law firm SEO is a two-pronged technique where you focus on organic SEO and local. While the former increases traffic and rankings the latter generates qualified leads. Choose low competition and high traffic keywords for an organic search campaign and it will help you boost traffic to your website. Local SEO techniques such as using location-based keywords and using directories such as Google My Business brings location-specific traffic to your landing page. Your potential customers would also have directions to your office on the map and keep your case pipeline running.

Get Aggressive with Content Marketing       

Every law firm and personal injury lawyer markets themselves as the ‘best’ and hence clients always take such claims with a pinch of salt! As an agency that has been marketing for injury attorneys, we always convince our clients to showcase their skills instead of claiming them. Content marketing is one of the best ways of establishing your authority in the legal field. Write blog posts on the subject that your clients care about or the queries that you come across from them.  

Focus on blogs that can add to your website’s traffic over time and improve your rankings and visibility.  You need to create the right mix of evergreen content (that stays relevant for years) and writing on current affairs such as a case that is being talked about in the media. Do review your evergreen posts and make sure they are in sync with the latest amendments to personal injury law. Update old posts to make them relevant and highlight the amendments and their implications.

You should also focus on writing guest columns on top platforms such as Forbes and Nolo as they let you build your authority and drive tons of traffic to your website. Above all, focus on the quality of your posts and don’t be a volume hunter as poorly written blogs or those that lack objectivity can hurt your reputation terribly.

Create The Buzz on Social Media         

Social media is an important element when it comes to marketing for personal injury attorneys. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn offer you a wide reach. There are diverse marketing strategies personal injury lawyers have explored with great success and you can do the same.

Share your success stories on Facebook and LinkedIn where you discuss your accomplishments and how you protected the rights and interests of your clients. Similarly, testimonials are also a great way to generate fresh leads where you share the testimonials received through email or on your website. These help in building confidence in the minds of your prospective clients.  

Build Trust with Videos  

Video marketing has grown in importance and scale over the last few years. Thanks to faster bandwidth, people researching personal injury law prefer to watch videos instead of reading paragraphs of technical jargon. Active internet users spend hours watching videos on YouTube and other platforms. This offers you a great marketing opportunity to build your trust and credibility with potential clients.

To market your services, you must know your audience and what they are looking for. Create videos that address the questions that potential clients are likely to have. Write a script for every video before shooting one. In doing so you can make them concise and address the points you want to make. Don’t overwhelm your audience with legal jargon or intimidate them. Always deliver a positive message as this will act as a hook for attracting new clients.

Market Your Firm Using Reviews        

Trust is vital in this profession and there is no better way to build trust than reviews from your existing and past customers. Law firms that have dozens of reviews on Google Reviews and similar platforms such as Yelp and Lawyers.com tend to attract maximum new clients. A positive mention of your services can convince new clients to choose your law firm over others. Most people seeking legal services trust reviews more than what is being claimed on your website and social media handles.

You must encourage your clients to write reviews about your services.  It should be a rule at your law firm where you request reviews from clients and explain to them how important it is for your business. If you come across adverse reviews, don’t hesitate to reply politely and professionally. This will add to the reputation of your firm and earn the trust of your prospective clients.

Nurture Leads with Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most tried and tested digital marketing strategies. It is cost-effective and helps you target people who are looking for a personal injury attorney. However, in today’s world where inboxes are being spammed with hundreds of irrelevant emails, you must adopt a creative approach to email marketing.

Once you have generated leads you must nurture them using personalized emails. If you know the exact reason why the client might need an attorney, it is your window to success. Discuss the best legal options the client has and how you can help them. You are likely to get a call from them soon. In case you don’t have any idea about their needs, you must share with them your expertise and the kind of cases you have handled in the past.

Track Your Campaign and Measure Results

Now we come to one of the most overlooked aspects of marketing for injury lawyers. when you are running campaigns across multiple platforms, the experience can become overwhelming. As you sink into managing your campaigns you may start ignoring one of the fundamentals of digital marketing – tracking and measuring results.

This often leads to a scenario where most of your attention is focused on channels that aren’t generating enough traction with your target audience. It is important to track the results of your campaign. Make use of analytics tools to measure engagements and conversions. This will give you a fair idea of platforms that are generating business for your law firm and campaigns that need to be relooked at.

Focus on the right KPIs. For instance, the Cost Per Case is more important than the Cost Per Click of your PPC campaign.

Don’t Ignore Offline Marketing           

Finally, we come to the last point which is traditional advertising. It is easy for you to get carried away with the benefits and cost-effectiveness of digital marketing strategies. However, offline marketing is still relevant, and it can complement your digital efforts.  There is still a section of people who haven’t gone digital or aren’t active on social media. Your marketing campaign should help you reach out to this section of the audience. This is the reason law firms still advertise on billboards and in newspapers. If you don’t have the budget for these here are some alternatives, you can explore –

  •   Join Local Business Groups – Join local business networking groups as this will help you connect physically with people across the community. They can bring new clients in the future from their network.
  •   Become Part of Local Cause – Take an active part in local causes such as funding scholarships, charity events, and education for the underprivileged. This will help you build a strong reputation in the community and have your name, address, website details shared among thousands of people. This brand recognition can generate new business in the future.
  •   Sponsor Awareness Campaigns – Most people lack legal knowledge until unfortunate events have pushed them into finding a personal injury attorney. Organizing awareness campaigns in the community can help you build trust. As you spread awareness about legal rights and how these cases should be fought, you can generate fresh leads.

Final Thoughts        

We hope this article has served you well and you have learned the tricks of digital marketing for personal injury attorneys. These will help you have a constant supply of cases and keep your practice running. Remember marketing for personal injury attorneys requires a well-crafted strategy. It requires a nuanced approach aligned with the needs and online behavior of your potential clients. To sign up more clients you should invest time and resources in growing your online presence.

If you are looking for an expert team, at Cyrusson Inc. we are ready to improve your online presence and generate qualified leads. We are experts in marketing for injury attorneys and count dozens of personal injury attorneys among our clientele. From search engine optimization to social media and brand building, we have all ends covered.

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