8-Step Guide to Email Marketing during a Crisis

Mar 19, 2020 | Digital Marketing, All

As the world battles the pandemic of Covid-19, the use of email marketing during a crisis will help you communicate with your audiences about the actions you are taking to mitigate risks. It is in times of crisis that your company’s marketing capabilities are really tested. The world is right now affected by Covid-19, a Novel Coronavirus that has been declared a global pandemic by WHO. It is during such times that businesses must look beyond profit and loss figures and come together to help the human race survive the calamity. It is important that businesses use email marketing to effectively communicate with people and not confuse or hurt them.

Email Marketing during a Crisis

Image Source: https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/communication/buttons-badges.html

Since the outbreak of this virus, information and misinformation are randomly floating on the Internet. People are constantly looking for authentic sources of information and turning towards their trusted brands and services to assure them of every turn of the event. The need for effective and responsible email marketing during the coronavirus crisis is essential. So how should you communicate with your audience at such a time?

Below we have an 8-step guide on how you can effectively use email marketing during a crisis.

#1 Communicate At The Earliest
People are already frightened. Do not add to their confusion and doubts by not communicating with them. Email them about any important information that you may be privy to. Not communicating will have a negative impact upon your brand, and your audience may think you are not concerned enough.

#2 Time For Compassion
It is during a crisis that your business’ ethos are tested. As the world grapples Covid-19, it is time for your company to think about the community first. Do not be insensitive while communicating with your audience over an email. It is not the time for contests or for posting humorous content. You should not organize any in-person conferences and workshops right now.

#3 Communicate How You Are Dealing With The Crisis
Use email marketing to let your audiences know how your organization is dealing with the crisis. How are you caring for the well-being of your employees, your workplaces and the community at large? Let them know that you are sanitizing your workplace, you are offering work-from-home opportunities for your employees, you have changed your business operations time etc. Let them know how communication with them will be affected (or not) because of the crisis. Is your customer service helpline working normally? Will your products be delivered in due time?

#4 Be of Help
This is the time to show that your business is not just about sales, conferences, workshops and glitterati events. You genuinely care for your audience and the world. Taking steps to help reach out to thousands affected by this global pandemic is a sign of a matured business. Tell your audience that you are – setting up relief fund, offering educational and authentic content to help people understand the crisis, offer essential products and services on a discounted rate, etc.

#5 This Is Not A Joke
Memes can wait, jokes can wait. The crisis is real and brutally staring at us. It is not the time to be insensitive. Your business goals can wait if they have to. Use your email to confirm that you are seriously working towards helping the global community mitigate the crisis. Even if humor is your brand’s standard voice, this isn’t the time for it.

#6 Do No Evil
You may practice the law of demand and supply in ordinary times but this isn’t the time to do so. If you are selling a product or service highly in demand because of Novel Coronavirus, it isn’t the time to raise the prices. Doing so would be unethical, insensitive and wrong. Email your customers that you are not doing anything evil right now.

#7 Communicate Efficiently
Monitor what is happening around you and communicate the same with your audience. Keep them informed with authentic news from reliable sources. Become a source of information they can trust.

#8 Show You Care
The situation warrants you to show that you are a business alive with human spirit. During this crisis continue to communicate with your audience and tell them that you care. Do everything in your capacity to be of help to them, to the community and to relief workers around the globe.

As the seriousness of Covid-19 intensifies, use email marketing to assure your audience that you are doing your bit for the world. This is your chance to rise above the crisis and be there for the world.

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