Burying Negative Google Search Results

Jan 12, 2023 | All, Business Development, Digital Marketing, Reputation Management, SEO

Negative search results can hurt your reputation. Here we look at online reputation management strategies that can bury negative content and replace it with positive ones. Think about a scenario where you attended a party you now regret. An online post containing images of that party appears on Google search for your name. Imagine a prospective employer or someone you plan to date coming across this when looking at your background. It doesn’t paint you well, and such negative search results can hurt you professionally and personally.

We all have made wrong choices and have been in places where we shouldn’t have been or done things we don’t want people to know. When you come across negative content about yourself or your business, it can cause distress. However, you can tackle it with online reputation management strategies.

There is a popular myth that ORM (online reputation management) is for large businesses that need to maintain a positive image on the Internet. On the contrary, ORM is for everyone who cares about what’s being said and written about them online. Maintaining a positive online image is vital for everyone, from large businesses to smaller ones, professionals, and job seekers. While removing all negative search results is impossible, you should try to bury them with tried and tested online reputation management strategies.

What is Burying Google Search Results?          

Google search engine is our go-to place for information. From job prospects to staying updated with the latest happenings and finding the best places to eat, we all rely on Google to provide the most relevant information. Pause for a while and ask yourself this question – how often do we look beyond the first page of search results, or when was the last time we visited the second page looking for information?

Data shows only 6% of people visit the second page or beyond on search results. Thus a page indexed on the second or third page doesn’t add value or hurt someone in case of negative search results. Hence, pushing negative content beyond the first page is a proactive ORM strategy. You must employ this when all options for removing negative or malicious posts fail.

If you have invested in SEO, you will know the fundamentals of Google search engine rankings. The search engine giant uses a complex algorithm to rank content based on relevance, uniqueness, freshness, and dozens of other factors. It also means that when you employ the right online reputation management strategies, you can rank positive content high on the search engine. Perseverance with these strategies relegates negative search results to the second or inner pages, preventing them from hurting you or your brand.

Why do You need To Bury Negative Search Results?    

In today’s world, information is available at your fingertips. In such a world, your online reputation is a barometer people will use to judge you. As we have stated before, it can affect your personal and professional life. Online Reputation Management is the art of surpassing negative content and leveraging positive content to build a solid online reputation. Here are some of the direct benefits of burying negative search results –

  • Opens new prospects for employment and business
  • Expands networking opportunities for professional success
  • Improves reputation on online dating platforms
  • Opens access to loans and grants for your projects
  • It helps attract quality talent for your project and business
  • Attracts new clients to your business
  • It lets you become an authority in your field
  • It helps you build a personal brand

How To Bury Negative Search Results?

Now that you are aware of the benefits of positive search results and the benefits of burying negative content, you need to adopt the right online reputation management strategies to bury negative content. Here is the best way to achieve them –

# 1 Get Negative Content Removed  

If a Band-Aid can help, why go for surgery? Burying negative results takes time as the positive content needs to be indexed and push negative search results down. Hence, the first step to managing online reputation is to remove these results altogether. The less negative content you deal with, the better for you.Here are some options you must explore –

  • Scan your online presence and remove all content that has the potential to hurt you. These include blogs, images, social media posts, comments on others’ posts, etc.
  • Remove negative reviews on Google and other review platforms if you own a business, as most people read reviews before trying a new business.
  • Ask your friends and relatives to remove posts and photos on their social media handles that you consider harmful.
  • Contact website and platform owners if any negative news or images about you on third-party platforms. Send them a formal request for the removal.
  • Remove personal information from platforms wherever unnecessary
  • Use the Google DMCA Takedown Notice when copyright has been violated

# 2 Start Afresh On Social Media            

Social media posts and profiles appear on Google search results. They rank high, given the popularity of these platforms. If you have had negative posts linked to an account, deactivate it and start afresh to avoid an overlooked post from years ago harming your reputation. Social media platforms are also excellent places to build a reputation. It would help if you created a solid presence on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram, to name a few.

# 3 Launch Your Website

If you don’t already have one, it would be an excellent time to launch your website. Google ranks official websites higher than other online entries, making it a perfect tool for hiding negative search results. It is an ideal platform for building a positive image of your name and brand. Using a website, you can control the narrative about your skills, brand, and expertise. Building one is easy, thanks to our dozens of website builders.

# 4 Publish Blogs

Once you have a website, you must update it with fresh content to keep it relevant and on top of the search results. Blogs are the best way to achieve this. Write blogs on your business, industry, and expertise, as this will create a positive image and help you build authority over a domain. Blogs are also a great way to improve a positive reputation when you choose the right keywords.

# 5 Link To Other Sites   

People are known by the reputation they keep and the website by those that link to it. Interlinking a website is one of the best SEO strategies, and you should insert links on your website from high-authority websites. If you can get backlinks from high-traffic websites, it adds to your SEO score and improves rankings.

Final Thoughts

You should take online reputation seriously as others do. If there are negative search results against your name, use the online reputation management strategies we discussed to bury them and build a positive image. Online reputation management isn’t easy, as you can’t change your reputation overnight from negative to positive. It can take considerable time and expertise to achieve desired results. Hiring an expert team can help as they use their expertise to bury negative content.

At Cyrusson Inc., we are a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in Reputation Management. We have the skills and expertise to handle negative content and bury it deep with our tailored online reputation management strategies. You have no time to waste if negative search results are hurting you. Call us today, and let’s chalk out a plan to take care of your online reputation.


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