4 Ways to Combine Marketing Automation and Personalization

May 6, 2020 | Digital Marketing, All, Social Media

Automation has made life possible for the 21st century. There is Alexa and Siri, who help us schedule our days, lock our doors, and turn off the lights. We have accepted automation in our personal lives, so there is no need to be frightened of using it to optimize our companies. Business owners should want to observe the customer experience themselves. Marketing Automation doesn’t make a business less agreeable. If it comes in contact with humans, it can offer a personal experience from the first interaction. Here’s how you can do it.

With the recent advancements in technology, Marketing Automation has come a very long way. The tools in marketing automation help build and implement campaigns that direct customers through the customer journey. It has allowed companies to keep their customers occupied and enlarge their ROI simultaneously.

What makes the biggest difference with automation is personalization. If you happen to question a consumer about their best experience with the company, you will get a reply about the personal touch conveyed to them by the company. Automation has made one of the essential tools in customer personalization. Before we understand how automation aids in delivering personalization, let us first have an idea about why personalization is so important?

Significance of Personalization

You can make use of personalization through many marketing channels, including social media, blogs, paid ads, and many more, because personalization is not all about using the first names of your subscribers in your email newsletter. It’s much more intensive than that. But almost every personalization method aims at giving the best customer experience.

  • It helps in building a great bond with your customers
    In a recent survey, some customers expressed that they want much more from the brands. By serving every segment of the audience individually, it can help you build a close interaction with people personally, which makes a healthy relationship between you and your customers.
  • It permits you to provide better content
    Personalized content helps you become distinct from the other, which leaves a high impact on your customers’ minds.

What is The Connection between Marketing Automation and Personalization?

Almost all business’s primary goal is to provide a great experience to their customers. It doesn’t matter what phase of the service or products your buyer is at; you must always look into the unique needs and intent of that customer. You cannot utilize personalized marketing without information.

If you have a small list of your clients, you can still attain it naturally. You can reach out to every client personally, gather full information on each customer, and handle all data manually. But as your company starts expanding, your client lists will start getting bigger, and handling all information might become an arduous task. That’s where automation comes into the limelight.

Marketing automation often leads to personalization. Modern means of marketing have accepted data analytics. It validates companies to provide experience to specific groups and customize products and services that are appropriate with their expectations.

Therefore, we use automation to understand diverse groups of customers, what they need, and strengthen customer engagement.

There are numerous ways of using Marketing Automation for Personalization. Here are some ways you can utilize automation to enhance the personal experiences of your consumers.

  • Make Personal Endorsements
    If you spend more time on a particular website, it will be easy to collect more data from you. For example, they can easily see the pages you visited on their site, your way of buying the product, also the categories you browse, and all can be easily traced.
  • Laser Target High-Quality Leads
    It’s easy to record a large number of leads with the tools and automate follow-ups.
  • Send out Computerized Personal Emails
    With marketing automation, it has become possible for companies to reach their customer’s inbox with personalized content. With target marketing, you could spontaneously segment your lead lists and send out particular emails to specific customers.
  • Engage on Social Media and On-Site
    You cannot overlook the power of social media these days. So it has become imperative for brands to build a strong presence on different social media platforms.

Marketing automation lets you schedule your posts daily and upload them on many social media channels. That makes you stay connected with your fans and followers. On the other hand, on-site personalization is also becoming popular. This on-site personalization tool replies to visitors based on their behavior.


When you combine an automatic process with a personalized marketing strategy, it is for sure that you and your company will rise to a limit. As the technology is always advancing and consumers are looking for a more personalized experience, then what are you waiting for? Are you ready to amplify your customer experience? Contact us to get you started, we are always there to help you out.

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