SEO & Marketing Tactics to Combat the Covid-19 Impact

Mar 25, 2020 | Business Development, All, Digital Marketing, Marketing

If you are looking for suitable and effective SEO & Marketing Tactics to Combat the Covid-19 Impact, we have something to share with you. Below are the 6 ways a business can prevent itself from the negative impacts of Covid-19. So without any further delay, let’s dive into our topic.

1. Consider an Outreach Strategy

The decision of outreaching to your customers during pandemic depends largely on your prevailing relationship with the consumer, type of business, and the purpose of such a communication.

If the customers are in a habit hearing from you via SMS messaging, emails, or social media, make sure to cater to such a relationship. This suggests that you must not let the communication to drop off.

However, you should stay away from cheap and inappropriate disaster-related promotions. On the contrary, the best way to stay in touch with your costumers is to act wisely and get creative.

You must think of the ways through which your business can ensure tangible assistance or social connection during COVID-19.

2. Show Your Website Some Love

The first thing to consider in this regard is to fix your site. For this purpose, you should spend some time to improve it. This will help you to make your site a lead magnet, which can attract a reasonable number of costumers.

Below are the steps that you should consider to follow when rejuvenating your site.

  • First, clean up all the files and delete those things that are no more needed
  • Make sure to close those contracts that aren’t necessary
  • Create content or write a few posts with some authentic advice
  • Perform the much-needed SEO clean up

3. Update Google My Business Profile

If you are operating on special hours due to the outbreak of COVID-19, don’t forget to update the Google my business profile. Moreover, also mention any special steps that you are taking to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Google has provided all the necessary tools within the GMB dashboard, which allows the businesses to inform their customers about any change. For instance, you have to update your description and business hours if there is any change regarding these aspects.

Share Google Posts after updating them with the latest information and offers. Also make sure to provide the correct contact information, so that people can interact with you whenever required.

4. Online Reviews Strategy

There is a wide range of reviews available online, which the companies haven’t answered. However, this doesn’t suggest that you have to every question asked. On the contrary, try to answer the most recent reviews.

In addition, also create the “Reviews Policy”. If you haven’t hired a person to manage the online reviews, go ahead and find the most suitable candidate. Especially, you should train the response team for tackling negative reviews.

Give them the right set of tools, which help to get alerts and monitor reviews. Moreover, you must also think about writing some template responses.

SEO & Marketing Tactics

5. Take Aim at Different Types of SERPS (PPC & SEO)

If you haven’t had the time to even think about your presence in the search engine page, consider creating a balance between your organic and PPC efforts.

This is the right time for digging deeper and analyzing the performance of every campaign that you have run in the past. Besides, you can optimize these campaigns for better ROI.

6. Plan Webinars

If you want to answer the FAQs, introduce new products and increase the customer base, make sure to plan Webinars.

The basic purpose of webinars is to demonstrate, educate, or instruct general masses or your consumers. It proves to be an effective strategy to improve B2C and B2B marketing.

Final Words

Now you know a few SEO & Marketing Tactics to Combat the Covid-19 Impact, it’s time to implement them wisely. All the ways mentioned above are capable of offering desired results when followed properly. As a result, you can minimize the adverse effects of Covid-19 on your business. As always, if you ever need any assistance in navigating with any of these aspect, feel free to reach out – we’re always happy to help out!

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