Top 8 Reasons to Re-Design Your Website

Aug 27, 2019 | Digital Marketing, All, Marketing

Why you should re-design your website? We are living in a highly competitive world where having an outdated website can have a negative impact on your business. It’s not just the users who hate outdated websites, the search engines also prefer the websites that have fresh, latest and advanced designs according to their guidelines.

One question we often hear from businesses we consult, is “Do I need a website redesign?” Remember that your website design is the face of your business for the target audience. You should consider the following 8 reasons to redesign your website:

Missing Brand Messaging

For businesses, it is important to keep the website updated according to their growth goals. The website must have everything like slogans, tag lines, brand voice, etc. All are important factors when determining how well your website reflects your brand.

Your Users Are Complaining

When you grow, your customers’ expectations grow as well. This is why most people expect professionally looking websites and designs from the big brands. Your website design needs to be addressed if your customer service team is getting concerns about their experience on your website.

Untrustworthy or Outdated Looking Website

You may be a great follower of client service and quality, but if your website isn’t looking professional or trustworthy, you may lose trust of the target audience quite easily.

Your Brand Is Growing

With growth, you don’t just need to change your business strategies, but also the design of your website as people start to expect a lot because they see you as a leading brand.

Your Website Is Not Responsive

Isn’t your website responsive? That can be a disaster as almost every person is using mobile devices, which is the reason that Google recently announced that every website must have responsive design or else it will be hit by the latest Google Algorithm.

You Are Losing Mobile Visitors

This may be one of the most common reasons of non-responsive website design. Losing your mobile visitors will no doubt directly affect your bottom line, but also it will cost you valuable leads. If people are engaging on your website, then it might be time to Re-Design Your Website 😉

Has no CTA

It there is no CTA or Call to Action button, it is clear that you are not serious about your web presence.
what you want website visitors to do once they are at your website? You need a call to action on each Just assume how your clients will get in touch with you? Not everyone will want to visit Contact us page for that.

It’s not SEO Friendly

If your website isn’t SEO friendly, it’s possible that your website will never rank on the search engine results. When you want your website to rank higher on search engines, your website must be search engine optimized.

If you think that your website is having any of these issues, then it’s the right time Re-Design Your Website. Call us to give your web presence a stronger, better and appealing appearance. Your only one call or a message away from hiring a Cyrusson (SF Bay Area Based Digital Marketing Agency).

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