What Are The 7 Different Types of SEO Services You Can Get?

Jul 1, 2022 | All, Digital Marketing, Marketing, SEO

People tend to think of search engine optimization (SEO) as one single method or operation. However, it’s actually an umbrella of various services that can be executed to achieve SEO results. 

It’s also not a one size fits all deal. For instance, SEO for law firms will not be the same as SEO for dental clinics. There are specific implementations and keywords that will apply to maximize results.

So, what are the types of SEO services that are needed to improve your search engine ranking? We’ve listed seven different types to help you find the right SEO method for your business.

 1– SEO Audit

To properly implement or even figure out your SEO strategy, you must first do an audit. This involves the assessment of your current performance and analysis of all your website content, rankings, and marketing channels. With that, key insights will be curated to create a strategy. 

2– SEO Strategy

Once you thoroughly understand your strengths and points for improvement, you will need to create a comprehensive strategy. This will indicate your campaign stages as well as the specific objectives you want to hit over time.

Having markers for performance will allow you to take quantifiable measures that fit your specific industry. It’s also easier to monitor performance when you define your goals and timeline.

3– SEO On-Page Keyword Optimization

The first place you can improve on is your own website. You’ll want to improve how it ranks up on search engine results, so you have to populate it with the right content and keywords to drive traffic. This step entails creating the best keywords to match your specific business and target audience.

4– SEO Content Development

Of course, you cannot simply throw out keywords and hope for the best. To show up on search engines organically, you must create content that is relevant to your business and actually provides valuable and relevant information.

Whenever a user inputs a query into their search engine, the search engine tries to pull up results that will be most useful for that specific user. Well-written content with information, good keyword integration, and proper formatting will give you the best chance at increasing your rankings. 

5– Technical SEO

Good SEO also goes beyond content. With Technical SEO, you optimize how your site is structured so that it is more easily indexed and crawled by search engines. Search engines like Google will prioritize your website in results if you have an easily navigated site, good structure, canonical URLs, non-duplicates, fast loading times, and mobile compatibility. 

6– Backlink Generation

You also contribute to your SEO by creating content on other websites. Backlink generation involves creating content on other pages that will use links to lead readers back to your page. This improves the perception of your brand and search engine standing because it establishes your page as a reliable resource that others use for reference. 

7– Local SEO

 Finally, you have local SEO. This is a more location-based style of SEO keyword generation that optimizes your relevance to your area of operations. While other executions use keywords related to your services, local SEO ties in your location to narrow down the competitive landscape.


Search engines have become a core part of modern business and consumer behavior. By taking on each of these SEO services, you can have a fully comprehensive plan that will ensure your online visibility. You can start scaling up from there and reach more customers.

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